The Day Street Brothel Live @ Overtime

On Friday night The Day Street Brothel played a mix covers and the a couple DSB Tracks as well. The covers ranged Classic rock to Hard Rock/Alternative and a slight bit of Metal ones.  There were a couple of songs which I have never heard them being played as heavy as Doug played them before.

The last time I watched The Day Street Brothel play was in the middle of the summertime so I knew it was long overdue that I watch one of their shows. Now being down to only three members Doug is now DSB’s only guitar player, on Bass guitar there is Ryan and on Drums is Al. Ryan and Al both helped out with backing vocals as well. Doug wasn’t left alone singing lead all night Al and Ryan both shared lead vocal duties as well. I have always been amazed when drummers are able to sing lead vocals as well as drum at the same time. Being the fact that they have to worry about their timing and while not feeling the fatigue from that they are also using their vocal chords as well to bit that little bit more of a strain on themselves. Al Sang a Tragically Hip cover while Ryan sang a Weezer cover with the addition of a couple of ad libbed lines thrown in which everyone got an amusement out of.

One mention that I have to make is the fact that they had a battle with probably the worst sound job that I have ever heard in my life. I started to feel bad for the guys throughout their set because of what was going on from the hands of the sound guy. During their second song “Gel” I thought the sound guy was trying out for the band as he was walking around behind Doug and Ryan on the stage moving random gear on the stage. By about the fifth song in the night he finally figured out to turn down Doug’s mic to stop the constant feedback.

Some of the cover songs which took me by surprise were firstly their opening song “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love”, “Rebel Yell”, “Hair Of The Dog” and “Modern Day Delilah” by Kiss. I was a little surprised by the Kiss cover it was nice not to hear the usual Kiss covers that bands tend to play. The Day Street Brothel has to be one of the most set list conscious bands in Kingston, every time that I see the guys play they might play at best three songs from the previous set, Their set list is under constant change. I was hoping to hear a couple of their own songs but due to a couple of constraints that they couldn’t get around they only played a couple original songs but luckily one ended up being a brand new song which they were introducing us to “Bitch You’ve Become”. One song off of The Good Girl You Were Before called “Hell Yeah”.

On the 90’s and alternative side of the list was “Gel”, “Low”, “Cumbersome”,  “Enter Sandman”, “Thunder Kiss 65”  a Silverchair track on  a special request yelled out by the audience Alice In Chains “Man In The Box”. Making a side note here “Cumbersome” was a song which The DSB covered on their debut album. During their second and third set Doug asked if we had any requests that we wanted to hear I was quick in yelling out “Knockin On Her Back Door” which got Doug laughing but I got quickly denied for that one, but in lieu we got a cover of “Road House Blues” I never heard a Doors song with so much distortion before. The following cover song was “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” again I don’t think I have heard this song being played as heavy as The Day Street Brothel played it before.  At the end of the night we were left yelling for more but the sound guy quickly but an end to our calls as he turned on the house music.