The Day Street Brothel with Laugh At The Fakes, Nonexistent and Basalisk

DSBI Productions Presented The Day Street Brothel, Laugh At
The Fakes, Nonexistent and Basalisk live at Mansion on Friday Night.

First off I have to say what an awesome turnout for this show;
it is about time Kingston started to get behind local Metal acts once again. I
can’t say enough on how great it was seeing people up front and actually just
showing up in support of local Metal Talent.

Starting off the night was The Day Street Brothel. Now having
the opening slot in the show tonight proved a little difficult for the guys as
Doug  had to call out to the audience
quite a bit to get any noise/ response from the audience which usually isn’t a
problem for the guys at all. I’ve lost track on how many times I have watched
these guys tear up the stage and every time including tonight they brought
along a completely new set list. There were still the same main stays in their set
list and a couple of new covers as well. They played songs from both of their albums,
but only a small sample from their debut album. One thing is for sure you will
always be able to pick out Doug lead vocals in a show. I have always been
thrown by the way Doug is able to change up his vocals a bit to suit each song
and cover that they play. Now that they are experimenting with a deeper and
heavier sound it will be interesting to see the road which they will travel
further on. Nearing the end of their set Ryan let Doug take a quick break from
lead vocals as he laid down his guitar and sang lead on “Rabbit King”, which is
a cover song that they recorded on their latest album.  To finish of their set they played their heaviest
cover to date Sepultura Refuse/Resist which quickly brought the head bangers to
the front of the stage

Up next was Laugh At The Fakes, by the time they had all of
their gear set up they already had their Kingston following planted at the
front of the stage. Already they have people singing every song almost word for
word, and even down to the timing as well. To me their major success of their
sound is the focus of timing between the guitars/vocals and drums, if anyone is
a little bit off on their timing I’m pretty sure their sound wouldn’t have the
same effectiveness over the crowd as it did tonight. It was a little shitty
that their set got cut short due to time constraints with the other bands but
they did manage to play six originals and one cover with members from every
band tonight jumping up on stage as they played “The Trooper”. They started off
their set with one of my favourite songs “Two Years Too Long” which was an
immediate hit with the audience as well, also by the look on Everett’s face I’m
pretty sure the audience took him by surprise as well. Playing next were my
other favourite songs to hear live “Better Than You”, “Little Angel”. It didn’t
take long for all the members in the band to pick up the energy from the
audience and bring it into their set. At one point in time Erik said he almost
took himself off the stage by head banging too much while playing. Even the
front of stage couldn’t keep people away as almost everyone had one foot on the
stage stairs. The mean and angry facial expressions mixed with Galen’s laughing/smiling
and Erik “Fuck Yeah” attitude they easily had their set and show wrapped up in their
favour, then to top it all off they played their collaboration at the end of their

After a bit of a wait Nonexistent was ready to hit the
stage. They lost a few people I’m pretty sure to the wait time as they were
getting set up. They had a few fans out in the audience but nothing compared to
their opening slot for Anvil. This fact didn’t seem to bother Dan at all as he
quickly took to the front of the stage and screamed for the attention of the
audience. It doesn’t seem to matter if there is one fan or the room is packed
he is still going to give the best performance that he can. Dan took full
advantage of having a wireless microphone by leaving the stage and moshing with
the audience and then later on walking around the entire upstairs of the
Mansion. The mosh pit got out of hand rather quickly tonight and took out a
couple of the front stage monitors. Johnny Riddell facial expressions went hand
in hand with the music that they were playing tonight, if there was ever a need
to know what an angry metal face looks like then really look no farther. For a
stand out song of their set I would go with “We are Royalty” but without the
extended intro this time around but I would say the intensity of the song was
tied with “King Ultros”.

To finish off the night was Basalisk but I was unable to
stay for their set as I must be getting old as fuck because the loud music won
tonight and left me with a f’n pounding headache and ringing ears.