The Day Street Brothel with Revmatic, Laugh At The Fakes and Buckshot Ritual

The Day Street Brothel opened up their set with their own theme song “Tales From The Day Street Brothel”. Now back as a four piece band once again with a new bassist Mike Oosten. This easy the first time that I have watched the day street brothel open up a show before. I’ve pretty much lost track on how many times I have seen the guys live tonight. Just as their previous shows they have a new set list mixed with originals and covers. They threw in one of my favorite covers that they play by white zombie. They covered songs from both of their albums tonight. The intro to “Pink Goodie Boxxx” was one line that I probably won’t forget for awhile as Doug introduced the song as “the other pink meat”. One song that didn’t seem quite right tonight was their original song “Hell Yeah” the song sounded as if it was being played at a slower tempo and something wasn’t right with the guitars either it was the tuning or just not the right sound coming out of the amp. They also played the one cover song which appears on their latest album as well. “Rabbit King” is also the only song where Doug gets to hand over lead vocals as Ryan sings lead. It wasn’t until their final song which was a cover of “slam” by Hellbound which quickly brought the Head bangers to the front of the stage.

For some reason Revmatic has always been one of the local Kingston bands that I never really get a chance to watch live very often which is a bit of a kick in the nuts since they don’t play too often in town. They are currently working on a new album once again and we got to hear just a small sample of that tonight. They managed to play twelve songs in their set which was great. It seemed as they had a few fans out in the audience for their set hiding out in the back of the room. This was the first time that I have seen them with their new guitarist Trevor as well. One thing is for sure he took full advantage a few times with his wireless guitar kit. It was only about the third time in their set before he left the stage the first time by heading to the back of the bar to grab a drink and play while standing beside a couple of the audience members. It was a little unfortunate that the sound guy kept the vocals down so much compared to the guitars making it difficult at times to understand what Nathan was singing. My favorite song during their set lyrically speaking was “She’s A Drug”. It was very easy to tell that they are enjoying themselves while playing live the almost constant smile from Keith was almost a dead giveaway and how they would walk over to each other while playing and talking to each other and laughing was an easy tell as well. About halfway through their set they played the title track off their latest album “Cold Blooded Demon”. There mix of hard rock and Metal is one sweet sound that they have going on, I am still a little surprised that they don’t have at least one song going on local radio right now.

Laugh At The Fakes just simply fucken rocked the shit out of the Mansion. Right from the start of their set they nailed the audience with a pair of hard hitting singles off of their debut album. Hearing Everett on the album then watching him perform the songs live are two completely different things.  If you think that there is any studio touch that is added to his guitars, you couldn’t any further from the truth. With the aid of a small pedal board for the sound that he had Everett shredded through every song. The energy of their set was even pounding out almost more than the front of the stage from their drummer Julian. He was constantly showing off moves with his drum sticks and it only took about four songs before a drum stick was thrown out which landed at my feet. Even listening to his vocals love was pretty incredible. Mixing up their set a little bit they played two new songs and a cover of Mr. Crowley”. Very quickly into their set you could easily tell that timing plays a huge factor in their live shows. For a standout lead song of the night I would give the prize to their song “Again and Again”, especially when it came to the ending of the song. You could tell who has listened to the song before as we were all waiting for the song unique finisher.  

To finish off this night of Rock was Pembroke’s own Buckshot Ritual. It was a little unfortunate that they took to the stage really late in the night, it had to be around 1.30 by now but they still put on a show as if the place was packed full of people. They quickly went throughout their set where they played originals and covers especially their own personal touch on a cover of “Copperhead Road”. I’m pretty sure I will never hear a version of “Copperhead Road” again like they played. I still don’t know how Mike didn’t fly off his handle when this drunken lady went up to him and closed down his laptop which he was using to run their set. Being a young band run by band Dad Mike Graham their blend of metal and Rock and garage sound went well with the rest of the night but being a young band they still have a bit of work to do. Their timing seemed not too bad for what they were playing. You couldn’t get too used to how the vocals sounded as they changed from song to song which did help by creating a different sound each song, so it makes you wonder if they are searching for a sound or if the constant change is going to be what they are going to go with. My favourite song of their set was their first song “Slenderman”, this is the sound that I would like to hear more from the guys as they start to head into the studio soon.The end of their set was funny from a viewers stand point as their drummer packed up his gear he started to throw it off the stage.