The Dead Silence Tour with Billy Talent, Sum 41, Hollerado and Indian Handcrafts

On Tuesday night at the K Rock Centre The Dead Silence Tour rolled in with Billy Talent, Sum 41, Hollerado and Indian Handcrafts.


Indian Handcrafts started the second loudest shows that I have watched at their yet. This was the second time that i have watched the duo play live, and once again they blew me away. Now with their album officially released “Civil Disobedience For Losers” they are off to Show Canada why they belong on this tour. Starting off their set they played “Starcraft”, with the guitar riffs quickly ripping through the audience. They were definitely fighting through the audience for their first three songs, then when they finished playing their fourth song they finally had the audience in their pocket. It is their screeching vocals and guitar riffs that i am blown away by. Even with the vocals the way they are you can still understand what the f*ck they are singing. “Bruce Lee” was their best song for me of their set and by the response they got from the audience it cemented their set and name on this tour.


Hollerado is still a surprise band to be playing on this tour. This show tonight is a definite huge step up from playing at the Mansion which they did mention early on in their set. They wasted no time in spreading out on the stage, jumping around and climbing over all the gear around them. For me the professional sound quality took away from the raw in your face sound you get in the Mansion and all of the other smaller venues that I have watched them play at over the past few years. They are out supporting their new album.  They played a few songs off of their album and still played our favourite songs from “Record In A Bag”. They even started their set off with “Do the door da door doo”, from their first album. My favourite song tonight and will probably always is “Juliette” which came later on in their set. Missing from their set tonight was their confetti cannon that fires off a few times during their shows.

This was the second time now that I have seen Sum 41 play in Kingston. They had a few of the same elements in this show as their last show at Stages. Deryck picked quite a few audience members to stand on the side of the stage to watch their set, and even brought over his microphone stand and started to play in the circle of people who were standing on the left side of the stage. Everyone in Sum 41 was constantly spread out over the entire stage. It didn’t take long before the crowd surfing into their set to begin which then started the content flow of bodies started to fall over the security rails. There was a few times when Tom and Jason stood at the back of the stage playing somewhat basic rhythms and let Deryck take control of the audience.Their set consisted of all of my favourite songs which I used to listen to all of the time when they came out. I was surprised by the fact that so many of the teenagers knew the lyrics to their older songs. They brought the audience into their songs quite a few times during their set, my favourite part was when they played a cover of “We will rock You” which was probably spread out to a little over five minutes in length as Derek had the entire Krc singing along to the song. My favourite song of their set had to be Fat Lip which coincidently was their last song of the night. It was a set list was a little short due to the time constraints on the night.


Billy Talent showed everyone while they are still around after twenty years together as a band. I thought crowd surfing was wild during sum 41 but it was nothing compared to Billy Talent’s set. Even while taking photos for the first three songs people were flowing over the fence constantly, the security definitely earned their pay checks tonight. There were a few injuries to people during this set when I was going back to my seat there was a girl with a severely broken nose sitting in the hallway. They started off their set with just Ben and Ian standing at the front of the stage in front of a black curtain playing “Lonely Road To Absolution”. I couldn’t believe the length of their set list, they played about twenty high flung energy songs. When the Curtain came down that was going to be the last time that the night was going to be slowed down.  How Ben is able to pull off his vocals throughout the night let alone this tour is beyond me, the shear sound of the high pitched shrieking should be enough to destroy anyone’s vocals. The vocals were just exceptional throughout the set, especially when Ben leaned back and let it rip.

Billy did one fantastic commendable move as he saw a young girl probably no older than eight years and her mother standing in the front row getting crushed so he stopped everyone before he started his next song and got the roadies to make them a seat on the side of the stage, then throughout his set he went and gave them a quick visit to see how they were doing.

I forgot how many F’n awesome song Billy Talent has made over the years, this concert tonight was pretty much the highlight of any fan as they simply just hammered the audience with song after song. Then to watch Ian play each song with such ease was something else, the big screen really came in handy for this as they were not scared to show off the sheer skill of Ian ripping it up song after song. Ben had his own camera as well which he used from time to time throughout the set. There was a steady flow of different flags which were being displayed in the background with the last one being the Red flag which ushered in the last song of the night.