The Glorious Sons with Head Of The Herd

Saturday night The Merchant Tap House Presented Kingston’s Own the Glorious
Sons with Head Of The Herd. This had to be one of the loudest and sweatiest
shows that I have been to in a while at The Merchant, which now seems to be the
new norm now when The Glorious Sons hit The Merchant stage.

off the night was The Head Of The Herd some people didn’t understand why the
lineup was switched around for tonight’s show. They are out supporting their
latest release which was out two weeks ago By This Time Tomorrow, and we got to
hear songs off their first release On The House.This was the first time that I
have gotten a chance to see Head Of The Herd and holy hell did they ever put on
one f*ck of a rock show. It was great to the fact that they also played a full
set and not a 6 to 8 song set. They put on a rollercoaster of a show by giving
everyone a powerful shot of Rock with their first couple of songs, and then
going into their slower almost ballad type of song then kicked the energy right
back up again only to slow it down later on, but always keeping the audience
ready for anything and everything. There were a few times when they had the
audience in a full clap along and then to really hit it off with the audience
they had us join in on “You come, you go”. Right from the start Clayton started
off the set with a harmonica in hand and gave everyone in attendance a quick
shot of what was about to come and expect during the rest of the set. Their
third song “Don’t Think You Will” instantly brought everyone’s attention to
their keyboardist Brittany Willacy as she played the intro for the song and then
went into her powerful ballad style of vocals. This was not going to be the
only time when Brittany took control of the stage and the Merchant Tap house
audience, in “By This Time Tomorrow” when she took the mic off the stand and
walked out into the middle of the stage she easily took control of the song
almost right away from Neu Mannas and Clayton playing Slide guitar. Clayton
throughout the set jumped around from the harmonica to his electric guitar,
everyone’s favourite and most notable song that he played slide on what when
they started up “By This Time Tomorrow”. Clayton also wasn’t afraid to take
himself down on the floor with his harmonica either, there was a couple of
times in the set where he took his mic and harmonica and kneeled down on the
stage to the give the songs that little extra touch. In fact the entire band
brought most of the Merchant down to kneeling on the floor halfway through
“Roadhouse Blues”. Leading the way for most of the set was Neu Mannas on lead
guitar and vocals, in a couple of songs the way he was able to really bring out
the life of the lyrics with his guitar was something to hear. There was
something amazing about the way he was able to switch up his guitar playing by
blending in different genres into certain songs and seamlessly float through
the songs without a whisper of a crashing changeover from switching pedals or
styles. After watching them tonight I can’t wait to see them play again.

By The
time the Glorious Sons hit the stage The Merchant was now at its capacity and
the manager had to start turning people away at the door. The Glorious Sons put
on one of the most energetic shows that I have seen yet from them. I’m pretty
sure it was the built up energy from a Cross Canada Tour and finally playing a home
town show. Their set tonight was also the longest set that I have seen them
play so far and I have seen them play quite a few times now. Brett led the way
with the built up energy there was a few times when everyone had to take a
couple of steps back to let Brett go. Tonight they started off with “Ruby”
which was a big surprise usually this song is kept for later on in the night,
and holy damn did this song ever get the audience riled up once the intro was
done and first verse was played, and normally this is the time Brett usually
puts the end to a mic stand. Their set list consisted of the entire Shapeless
Art Ep but was split up a bit throughout the set. We also got to hear a couple
of “new” songs as well meaning the finishing touches have been finally added to
the songs. Their cover of “LA Woman” by The Doors blew away the audience and
for the few of the audience members who knew the lyrics to the song joined
right in with Brett. I am still amazed with the timing that Adam has with the
rest of the band throughout the set, and how in the hell he doesn’t put his drumsticks
through the toms or snare at any given time by how hard he hits his kit
throughout the set. But I don’t think anything can beat the timing that Jay and
Andrew have throughout the night. They both have that perfect mix of 70’s rock
mixed in with today’s sound to give The Glorious Sons their sound, just look at
the riffs in a few of their songs and this is just from their first ep, now
watching them live tonight you have to imagine the sound a thousand times
better. They definitely knew how to end the show on a powerful note by
combining “Mama”, and “White Noise”, there wasn’t one person in the stage side
of the Merchant who was standing still everyone was dancing away and singing
along to every lyric. To finally finish off the night they played a song that
they have been working on called “Gordie” which was a tamed down song comparing
to the rest of their set. The song was written to honour The Hips lead Singer.

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