The Glorious Sons with The Ascot Royals and The Damn Truth

It was a packed Merchant Tap House on Wednesday night as presented The Glorious Sons with The Ascot Royals and The Damn

It took a bit of time for the Merchant to start filling up
but when it did you were not moving around easily and not even a chance in
getting close to the stage.

The night started off with an amazing band called The Damn
Truth. I never heard of the band before tonight and after their set I will definitely
never forget the name and I know I am not the only one. Bringing in sounds from
different generations and genres the Damn Truth ripped up the stage. Their lead
singer instantly made eyes widen and ears focused on the stage as she started
to sing. If you ever wanted to hear a updated version of Janis Joplin and a mix
of Robert Plant then look no further than Lee-La Baum. Not only did she have an
out of this world voice which ripped throughout The Merchant she even had the
theatrics to each song down to a science. At her side and on lead guitar was
Tom Shemer and man could that guy play, he brought people to their feet a few
times as he ripped through a solos throughout their set. At one point he had to
be pushed up front a little from Lee-La and as he progressed through quite a
difficult riff he simply acted as if it was no sweat at all even taking the
time to look up at the audience. The timing between each member especially during
their blues songs including “I Want You” sounded great. They were out in
support of their new album titled “Dear In The Headlights”

Up next was Kingston’s fastest rising bands The Glorious
Sons. By the time they hit the stage the Merchant was packed and were waiting
and cheering for The Glorious Sons to take to the stage. To have a following
such as they have already is a statement. Giving us a sneak peek of their
upcoming Ep they ripped through a heavy weight of Rock n Roll Songs. You could
easily tell that there was anticipation for the guys to play their first single
“Mama” which has been rising in the rock charts since it entered a short time
ago. “White Noise” was still my favourite song of the night even with the amount
of pressure that was being put on me to change my opinion. At some points
during the set there almost was a battle between Brett and the audience singing
the lyrics. “Caroline” was a perfect example of this as Brett went into the
chorus during the song. We even got to hear a new song as well tonight written
about Gord Downie. After a quick intro about the song and the history over the
song the guys went straight into the song and had the entire Merchant Tap House
screaming for more.  By the time they
finished off their set, pretty much everyone in the Merchant was a hot sweaty
mess which has now pretty much become the norm for a Glorious Sons show.

To finish off the night The Ascot Royals hit the stage. Wasting
no time in setting up the guys hit the stage as hard as they possibly could.
With Jimmy singing lead vocals he wasn’t afraid to lean out into the crowd that
was till gathered at the Merchant. I was pretty impressed with the guys
especially with the fact that they attracted a couple of people from Hamilton
who drove all the way down to see the guys perform. Their sound was quite a bit
different compared to what we heard so far tonight, as their set processed more
of a pop/rock sound. But nonetheless they still had a few people dancing
throughout their set standing in the front of the stage and still kept a decent
amount of people hanging around the bar to check their set out. They are also
out in support of their recent album titled Don’t Let It Stop You, which we basically
got to hear the entire album during their set. Tal talking the helm at lead
guitar invited the audience a few times to endure a couple of slick solo’s,
even playing it up for the audience a time or two. Ben on keys definitely filled
out their songs tremendously throughout their set, even setting the mood for
the next song as the rest of the band was getting prepared.   Hopefully
the guys make it back to Kingston again sometime soon.