The Golden Dogs Live At The Grad Club with Taylor Knox and The Kodienes

Finally after a few years of wondering and hoping The Golden Dogs made their way back to Kingston to play at the Grad Club on Friday Night. The night was a double header of album releases with The Golden Dogs on a flurry of Weekend shows in support of their brand new album 3 ½ and opening the night former Golden Dog Taylor Knox was out in support of his brand new album Lines. Also in the lineup tonight was Kingston’s The Kodeines

Starting off the night was Taylor Knox which I was a little surprised at and it wasn’t the Kodeines kicking off the night. Throughout his set he gave us a good feel of what he had to offer with his brand new release which is still waiting on the sidelines to be officially released, but there were a handful of copies on vinyl and cd for sale. He mixed up his set with songs that were filled with energy which I kind of expected being he was on the same bill as the Golden Dogs, and a couple of fainter songs as well. I always feel a little bad for bands when their original songs have peoples attention but when they play a cover and the audience comes alive for the moments of the song. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on the way you look at it when Taylor played a Smashing Pumpkins cover with “1979” but this song did leave the audiences attention raised for the rest of the set. This was one of the most liveliest bassists that I have seen in awhile and it seemed as if the small corner which he was backed up into at the back of the stage probably hampered his stage presence quite a bit. Taylor also added a bit of slide guitar for a bit of flare in his set as well. It would have been great to hear a little bit more of his slide playing in his songs.

This was the first time that I have watched live or even listened to one of their songs before, and by the time they were finished their first song I wondered to myself how in the hell did I let this one happen. It was interesting and neat to see Chris Koster playing backup/lead and backing noise in a band, I’m pretty sure this is the first time in about 8 years that I have ever saw Chris in this position on stage or in a band before. The Kodeines blasted through a few originals that all seemed to have the same ideas in the lyrics, drugs and beer seemed to be the favourite topics for Kody to sing. Alas another cover definitely was the highlight of their set. When they played their version of Gold Digger The Grad Club erupted with response to the song. Their version included a hefty laid down version on guitar from Chris and Kody rapping overtop of the backing vocals. This song also signalled the end to Kody’s acoustic guitar as well, which you couldn’t really hear all that well anyways.

Finally the years of waiting were over The Golden Dogs were finally back on a stage in Kingston. They were out in full support of their newest album and based their set heavily on the songs and didn’t go back into their back catalogue very much including not playing Dynamo how is a Golden Dogs set not complete without one of these staple songs. In Lieu of this “Travesty” they did play a couple of my favourites including “Construction Worker”, and “Runouttaluck”. This version of the Golden Dogs also had Jessica leaving the keyboard behind and moving in behind the drumkit and holy hell can she ever hit the kit hard and good. Stefanie switched between the keys and guitar throughout the set, and Alejandro on Bass guitar. Immediately once They had everything dialed in The Golden Dogs were at full stage energy and kept it that way throughout the rest of the set, only taking a break for the Titanic theme and introducing us the Gorilla mask which appears in their latest video for “Decided” which played right after.
My favourite song from the new album 3 ½ was “Do It For You” which was played within the first ten minutes of the set tonight. The Golden Dogs even added in a cover tonight with Jessica Taking the vocal helm for The Beastie Boys “Sabotage”. Now what Golden Dogs show wouldn’t be without Dave breaking at least one guitar string and this time I was lucky enough to snag it so for the last two encore songs in their set he played without his A string. Here’s to hoping that the next wait for The Golden Dogs isn’t as long eh!!


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