The Grad Club welcomes Jim Bryson and Baby Eagle

The Grad Club welcomes Jim Bryson and Baby Eagle

January 18, 2008

On Friday night Flying V Productions presented Jim Bryson with Baby Eagle. This show will be one that I will be talking about for awhile, I don’t think that I have had as much fun at a show as I did Friday night in a long time.

Opening up the night was Baby Eagle. For people who don’t already know Baby Eagle is Steve Lambke from The Constantines. He was in Kingston supporting his new album entitled “No Blues”. I find it is always interesting to watch a member of a band to break out an create a solo career for himself and also keeping true to their original band I.E Dallas Green.

Baby Eagle landed onto the stage at the Grad Club with a soft folk rock performance. Baby Eagle opened up the night with people still filing into the Grad Club. A acoustic instrumental song started the night off, the song ended with a bit of awkwardness for Baby Eagle, as no one in the audience applauded because no one realized that the song was over for about twenty or so seconds after the song was finished. Many of the songs that Baby Eagle played to me have a major Bob Dylan influence that has been written into the songs. It was very interesting to hear such a drastic tempo change in Baby Eagle’s songs when they are compared to The Constantines. The audience also got to hear a couple of songs that didn’t make it into The Constantines library of songs. One song that didn’t make it to the Constantines library stuck out to me in particular because of the Blues Sound that came out of the song, Blues is one genre of music that I really enjoy hearing when I watch a acoustic performance. The song was one of the deeper and heavier sounding songs that Baby Eagle played, I also enjoyed the small bits of the Harmonica that was added to the song, the Harmonica filled in parts of the song where lyrics wouldn’t have worked in the song. A few of the songs that Baby Eagle played where really mellow and almost too quiet in sound. At the end of Baby Eagle’s performance there wasn’t one person who wasn’t left unsatisfied.

What Jim Bryson brought to the Grad Club was something else. This was alternative country music at its best. I haven’t laughed so much at a concert before like I did on Friday night. His set could be divided into three parts, one part comedy, one part story telling and the last part is the music. Pretty much at the start of every song there was a story that was attached to the song, but most times the story didn’t have anything to do with the song. But there wasn’t one story that didn’t leave the audience laughing. There were a couple of songs in Jim’s set where the guitars and percussion really had a hook to them. Along side Jim there was Jake on Percussion, the percussion set up that was being played on stage was a relative small one, it consisted of a Bass Drum, a Snare, and a high hat. What was interesting about the percussion was all the different “Tools” that was used to create different sounds, for example for what was used was two sanding blocks, Steel Brushes, and Egg Shakers. Jim played both his Acoustic Guitar and his Guild Electric Guitar. There is one Electric Guitar song that I can’t seem to get out of my head which is “The Lost Occasional”, I think it is the simplicity of the song. The song is played in a high tone, and I find that the harmonica even though it isn’t played very much really tops the song off.

There is a video of the song on my YouTube Channel so you can see what I mean. If I had to pick my favourite song of the night it had to be Jim’s experimental song called “All The Fallen Leaves”. The experimental aspect of the song was the inclusion of the audience participation near the ending of the song. Jim had his laptop playing a “Party” drum beat which wasn’t as long as the song was so he needed the audience to clap along and act as the drum beat and near the end of the song the crowd had to dissipate along with Jim and Jake. Luckily for Jim this evenings experiment worked. The starting of the song was the funniest part of the evening for me though. Because of the story explaining the song, and about his plans with his girlfriend which can’t be explained here – which means you had to be there – he had to repeat the drum beat on his laptop three times. Near the last song before Jim played his encore songs he asked Chris Brown to come up onto the stage and play the Keyboards along side him. Another mention that I have to make is during a couple of Jims’ stories before his songs, you would think that he was explaining the story behind the song but then at the end of the story he would say “But this song isn’t about that”. Like I said in the opening line this show definately worth being in attendance for.