The Mahones, Screamin’ Sins and Sofa King Addicted Live at The Mansion

On Friday night KPP Presented The Mahones with openers Screamin’ Sins and Sofa King Addicted hit the stage at the Mansion. For the first time in about three or so years I finally got to see The Mahones live in Kingston once again.

Starting off the night was the Punk Rock band Sofa King Addicted, there set was comprised of mixed genre songs sliding between Rock, Punk and Alternative Rock. One thing is for sure they definitely know how to work the microphones in between songs. By the time they hit their third song they settled down on stage and tightened up their playing. A couple of their songs almost bordered RATM but in a looser and easier going fashion, more or less still going along the 90’s style. Their timing was not too bad with the style that they were playing and managed to pull it together during their fourth song where the timing was key between the guitar and drums.
Once they tighten up their set a little bit more I imagine they will appear in Kingston a little bit more.

This is the first time that I have watched the newly incarnated Screamin’ Sins, formely Teenage Frankenstein. Their style of playing is the same with the psycho Billy style but now they have added in a set of stand up drums. These guys have quite a entertaining sound to them, hopefully they will get something recorded and put out soon. Vanessa Von Voodoo on bass really gives the band their groove sound and she plays a few difficult parts as well. Another interesting part about their set is the sound effects that she runs through her pedals, as well as her vocals. There are a few decent sounding effects that goes through her vocals, but you have to stand back from the stage to hear them properly just due to the speaker set up at the Mansion. I found the drums added more of a punk element to the songs instead of following the flow of the guitar and bass but they still kept the rhythm of the songs in check.

Amazingly right on schedule The Mahones hit the stage, which I think for all the times I have watched them live this was a first. They were in town in support of their newest release The Hunger And The Fight Part 2. Going into the night I was thinking that they were going to be gearing their set list more towards their newest release and was I ever wrong, mind you they played a few cuts from the album but not as near as many as you would think. They played a wide list of songs covering a few of their older albums, basically picking off the biggest hits from their albums. I forgot how scathing and powerful Katie’s vocals are live, the way she rips into the backing vocals added a shattering amount of power into each song and basically drowning everyone else out. I also have to mention the setup of the mansion played out nicely tonight, on the left side their were the Moshers and on the right you could stand in peace and not get rammed over. I was also surprised by how clear the Tin whistle was all set long. I thought for sure that it would get buried but it came out overtop and layered onto the songs nicely and really put the sound and strength into the songs. There were a couple of songs that I was looking forward to in hearing but non greater than Drunken Lazy Bastard which they played to finish off their set.

Sofa King Addicted


Screamin’ Sins

The Mahones