The Merchant Tap House Presents Die Mannequin Doll and Dearly Beloved

The Merchant Tap House Presents Die Mannequin Doll and Dearly Beloved

I have no idea how The Merchant is managing to get in the bands that they are. On Thursday night The Merchant Presented Die Mannequin with Doll and Dearly Beloved.

One of my favourite grunge bands Doll took to the stage first with about a thirty minute set. I can’t wait for the day when doll is able to take to the stage for a full hour set. They still manage to pack quite  a punch with their thirty minute set however. They started off with a instrumental intro which led into their (might as well say) Trademark intro song “Sally Lost Her Shoelaces”. There was only about three people in front of the stage when Doll started playing but when Christina let out her Scream out the stage all of sudden became packed and stayed that way until the end of the night. Throughout their explosive set the Merchant stage could not contain the band as Christina somehow was able to clear a little spot for herself off the front of the stage, as she made her way back behind her mic Pete all of a sudden left the stage and disappeared off into the crowd and went as far as his cord would let him go. Doll had a bit of a line change up since the last time I saw them play in April as they were using their original bassist Véronique. The set list was also a little interesting as they added in a new song which I never heard them play before, a cover  White Wedding. After hearing this version I don’t think I can ever listen to the original version the same ever again. By the time Doll was finished they had people yelling for more but unfortunately for us they had to say no.

Dearly Beloved took to the stage next, for some reason they took about forty five minutes to set up their gear which wasn’t really all that much just a bass two guitars and a drum set. Which in turn came back to bite us in the ass because Die Mannequins set was cut short because of it. Their first song was long instrumental intro. Right from the start of the set their energy level was high and was pumping it out into the audience which was slowly making their way back to the stage. The bassist and lead singer was the definite driving force behind their set, if it wasn’t for him I don’t think their would have been what it was. A couple of times throughout their set I thought he was going to put his bass through the ceiling. Another real ear catcher was the riffs which they were pumping out throughout the night. During a couple of the riffs during their set the guitarists back was turned to the crowd so we couldn’t see what he was playing. I was a little surprised by the length of their set as well, it was a little longer than what I expected it to be. Their music was also a little different from Doll and Die Mannequin, as it was more of a Rock sound then a Grunge sound.

By the time Die Mannequin took to the stage the night was already running an hour late from the set times. Which in turn their set got cut short, but in the short time that they played they destroyed the Merchant Stage. I don’t think I have ever been to a show at the Merchant before like that before let alone a mosh pit opening up as well. The mosh pit only lasted about a minute before it was stopped and even the band had to say we were not allowed to mosh a couple of times throughout their set.  Care’s stage attire was also something which I have seen before as well, as she changed shirts on stage and wore a pink pair of underwear. About two songs into their set Care’s guitar/amp decided to stop working so Stacy gave up his guitar to Care so they could keep playing. From the start of the night when Care arrived at the Merchant I wasn’t so sure on how their set was going to turn out but Care put on one hell of a show throughout their set. She proved why Die Mannequin are where they are now. I also can not forget to mention how loud their songs were as well, Even with ear plugs in it still took until all of Friday to get my hearing back. They played all of the songs which have gotten the notoriety which they have received including “Dead Honey”, and “Bad Medicine”. They played Bad Medicine as one of their final song. They also slipped in a cover by Turbonegro – “Don’t Say Mother Fucker Mother Fucker” but quite a heavier version of the song. During a couple of their songs Care found her way off the stage and played into the crowd. To finish off their set they turned off the mics and played a instrumental finish with Care playing the drums. I knew the night was finished as Care threw the drumsticks out to the front of the stage which were quickly snapped up by the crowd. I’m pretty sure it was everybody out in the crowd yelling out for more but the house music quickly came on.


Dearly Beloved

Die Mannequin