The New Odds with Shaun Verrault

On Friday Night, Shaun Verrault and The New Odds took the stage at The Ale House.

At first I wasn’t all that intrigued in going to buy tickets for the show but when I saw that Shaun was the co- headliner I knew that I couldn’t miss this show.

The first time that I saw Shaun he totally blew me away and tonight he did it again. His starting song was one that immediately caught everybody’s attention. I can easily see his solo career start to carry him away from Wide Mouth Mason.

Shaun is out in support of his new album Two Steel Strings, the incredible factor about this album is the fact that it was recorded on a train that was travelling across Canada. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of people when Shaun took the stage as they were still slowly filing into the Ale House. I am still in favour with the Wide Mouth Mason songs that he played “Rained out Parade” being my all time favourite song. Shaun doesn’t stay far away from the Wide Mouth Mason live shows. He adds just the right extra touch to each song and the extended play is never anything but excellent. The rate of speed that Shaun was able to play at was also pretty amazing, at some points in time you couldn’t even see what his fingers or hands were doing they were just pretty much a blur. He was able to get a pretty good pop from the crowd when he was hand tapping. Another awesome component about Shaun’s live shows is his vocals, It is amazing how he is able to get the high vocal range that he can come out with, in a couple of instances he didn’t even need his mic for every one to hear him. In the end he only played a couple of songs from his new album, a couple Wide Mouth Mason Songs and maybe two songs from The Dagger lip Sketches. At the end of his set everybody wanted one more song and he was going to play us one more song but for some reason the sound guy didn’t allow it which he received a wide range of boos because of it. If you ever get a chance to watch him play live I would highly recommend that you do.

I will admit that I wasn’t all that interested in seeing the New Odds, but it is a good thing that I did stay and watch the show. I forgot how many great songs that they have made over the years. They only played a couple of song from their new album. I found it was funny at how many songs I knew the words to, I actually surprised myself by this fact. During the night Craig traded off singing duties to the newer guitarist to the band, I’m pretty sure it was only two songs that he let him sing. “Heterosexual Man” and I can’t quite remember the second song now. Craig also showed that he isn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon with the energetic performance that he gave.

When the New Odds came out the front of the stage filled up pretty quickly. I was kind of surprised at the amount of people who were in attendance now. There was also one special guest who I had a good feeling that was going to be in attendance. If you already haven’t figured out who it is it’s Rob Baker. I knew that there was a good chance that there was going to be a song played by Strippers Union. There was the one song played by Strippers Union and after the song was finished Rob tried to leave the stage but Craig told him that he wasn’t going anywhere and he had to play the last song of the night with the band.