The Sadies / Sun Parlour Players

Flying V Productions presented Alt Country to Kingston with style with the return of The Sadies with supporting acts Sun Parlour Players

Starting off the night was Sun Parlour Players who just merely walked on stage and after a very quick tune started to play. They started rather early I must say, starting around nine thirty way before shows normally start. This is probably the biggest sound that I have ever heard come out of a three piece band before. With all of the extra instruments that each member was playing they probably could do with a t least one more member. This was also one of the few times that I have watched a drummer play more than one instrument in a set as well. Going along with Michaels drum set he had set up a xylophone, a bell a wooden whistle, a hand bell and to top it all off he also had an accordion on stage with him as well. Dennis also traded instruments around the stage passing off his bass to the lead singer and picking up guitar for a song. For a couple of songs he played the bass and played the keyboards as well, this feat I have seen a couple of times before but still amazes me every time I see it. Also for an extra percussion sound each member had a small kick drum setup in front of them, while nearing the end of the set, Dennis and lead singer Andrew picked up a pair of drum sticks and somehow managed not to break them while they were playing the kick drum with a small cymbal placed on top.  I was surprised by how much the xylophone made its presence felt, especially during the higher keys the instrument really stood out. One thing I have never seen before was when Michael used a bow and ran it up and down the keys, it made one heck of a screech sound each time he used the bow. We got to hear a few songs from their new album which was released in October called Us Little Devils and also a couple of songs from their two previous albums as well. I was left really impressed with their high energy level live show especially since they kept it up all set long. They had a bit of a battle bringing people closer to the stage all set long especially those who were hanging around the bar, but in the end they won most of those people over and filled slowly filled the pit area of the stage.

This was the first time in a long time that I have watched The Sadies play live, the last time was when they played at the Ale House a couple of years ago. Their onstage modesty has not changed since the last time I watched them play live, Dallas was so soft spoken when he gave his thanks for the applause at the end of a few of their songs. Dallas and Travis guitar skills will also outstand me every time I watch them play live. They threw in a couple different segments to their show this time, my favourite moment came when they traded guitar necks and played each other guitars. To open up their set they played one heck of a instrumental intro just teasing the audience for what was about to come in their set. It only took the first note to be played before the front of the stage began to fill and the sides of the stage where people once stood fell empty. We got to hear songs from the earlier catalogue days to present day, with a couple of impromptu covers thrown in. Mostly the covers were due to the fact of a couple of people yelling songs out all night so Dallas decided to play a couple riffs from The Cars to keep him quiet for a little bit, and later on the song became the ending to a song as well. Dallas also came out with a few good comments to tone down the requests as well, and my favourite had to be when he said they could play Free Bird. They did accept one request from the audience which came from the girl who was dancing alone at the front of the stage and brought them a few trays of whiskey throughout their set.  Running into the middle course of their set they decided to slow down the tempo for a couple of minutes and had pretty much most of the couple who came to the show grab each other and began to slow dance wherever they happened to be standing, the slow tempo only lasted for the one song then they went right back to their Fast Alt Country style. I was hoping to get to see Dallas use his personal pearl inlay guitar for most of the night but the guitar merely became a stage prop at the side of the stage all night. Travis’s fiddle get used for one heck of a showcase by him, but I was surprised that it only got used for the one song as well, I was hoping to hear a couple of songs with Travis playing the fiddle. At the end of the night when they finished up their first set they were going to leave the stage for an encore but just ended up staying on stage instead and played a couple of more songs, one which included the return of The Cars “My Best Friends Girl” being thrown in the finish the song off that caught everybody off guard as Dallas burst into the song and took everybody a couple of seconds to catch up to the song. At the end of the night The Sadies still made a lasting impression on me for the raw talent which each member has in the band, and for Canadian roots music.