The Sadies / Young Rival

The Alehouse presented a star studded event with The Sadies and Young Rival
November 14, 2007

The Alehouse was the place to be on Wednesday night, first off there was The Sadies and Young Rival. To everyone’s excitement in The Ale HouseThe Sadies brought along a very special guest with them this night, this was none other than one of Canada’s most treasured song writer Greg Keelor. There were also two members of Canada’s premier band The Tragically Hip on hand Rob Baker and Gord Sinclair. I was surprised at first when people didn’t really know who Greg was until word was getting around that he was on hand. I must say that I was a bit shocked when I first walked in and saw him standing near the merchandise table; at first I didn’t think it was him but I quickly changed that theory. When Rob Baker came in he went straight downstairs and only one person caught who it was, I was surprised throughout the night that not to many people were going up to meet the guys.

The night started off a little later than normal because attendance was pretty low, which I was surprised at. Young Rival probably took to the stage around 10:30 to 11 which by that time the place was starting to get a little more packed than what it was. Before the band started to play pretty much everybody was hanging around the bar and the few tables that were set up. But the second that Young Rival took to the stage everyone immediately went up to the front of the stage. When they first started to play I thought that I recognized their sound but I never heard of the bands name before. By the third song into their set which was what I think is their lead single off their debut album – (In This City) which I recommend that you pick up – “Dead Radio Love” I knew that I have heard the band before.

When I was talking to guys after the show I found out that they used to be called The Ride Theory, and that’s the name that I knew them by. Young Rival sound is very unique they take many different types of music and mix them into their own, from what I can gather out of their music I get, 70’s surfer guitar riffs, British sounding Vocals, New Age mixed with Rock.

It almost looked to me that most of the people in attendance when they went on stage were there to see these guys play, because after the first song they had the entire stage front hooked on their music. I must say that they are young masters of creating catchy guitar hooks. I don’t think there wasn’t one song that they played that didn’t catch the attention of everyone in The Alehouse. The band played music off of they debut album and were sampling songs off of their demo album that they have in the works, the band was giving away their demo album for free at the merch table. Young Rival put on one of the most energetic party sets that I have seen in awhile, I would have to put their live show performance up there with the likes of bands like the The Trews, The Sadies, and Thornley.

When The Sadies came out onto the stage they got a standing cheer from everyone in the crowd. This was the first time that I have seen The Sadies Live before. I have to say now that it was a dumb move on my part not to go to any of their other shows when they have been to Kingston. This is one band that doesn’t even need words to any many of their songs. Their amazing music skills just put them on a whole level. I would be able to just listen to the guys play instrumental tracks all night long and I would have been fully satisfied.

Another mention that I must make before I forget to was the speed of Travis Good on the final song that they played. I have never seen someone play as fast as he did in that last song ever. These guys diffidently have superb stamina, because I have never seen two people play as hard, fast and as long as Travis and Dallas did. Now what you could call their brand of music is somewhat up in the air, because just like Young Rival there is such a mixture of influences that it is hard to narrow it down, but all I know is they are simply amazing.

All their songs are catchy and just open up your eyes when you watch The Sadies perform live. Now onto their special guest for the night Greg Keelor, I was just ecstatic, because I didn’t know what the guys had up their sleeves. The first song that they played was a cover of Neil Young’s Are You Ready For The Country. Greg played another song with The Sadies then exited the stage, but it didn’t look like he wanted to leave so soon, he looked like he was just loving the stage.(this was the first time that I have seen Greg sing without gum in his mouth.) I was a bit surprised when I went to get a few photos early on in the show that people were not up tight together at the front of the stage as most shows that I go to are, but this night I was able to pretty much go wherever I needed to go and I eventually ended up staying about three feet back from the front of the stage.

Now I know how warm the stage lights can be and I am sure most people do this is why it makes it hard to believe that the guys were able to stay dressed in their full suits for their entire set. I honestly don’t know how they could do it, I would probably be dying of dehydration in the first thirty minutes. Travis also showed how the violin should be played, The sound of the violin and watching Travis going to town on the instrument just adds the excitement to their show, by the end of the night the bow of the violin was getting pretty torn up.

Also, I am surprised at the fact that they didn’t break a single guitar string all night, especially the way that they play their instruments I thought they would have been replacing the strings after every four or five songs. When The Sadies left the stage at the end of their set you could tell that they were coming back out onto the stage, they ended up playing five more songs in their encore set. They asked Greg to come back up onto the stage to play in one of the five songs that they were going to play. By the end of the night I don’t think anyone could have left The Alehouse unsatisfied.