The Tragically Hip Live at the KRC

Talk about a killer show on tuesday night as The Tragically Hip played to their hometown crowd bringing their Fully Completely album tour to the Krock Centre. It was a given that the Krock Centre was going to be a sell out and with the official numbers proving that it was a sellout before the show began. It’s a shame that I have only seen the Hip play four times now and this show was definitely my favourite one so far. The crowd, man the crowd was intense and electric throughout the entire show tonight. The second the guys hit the stage and the stage lighting turned on the entire KRC was to their feet and pretty much stayed that way throughout the entire night, and barely even taking a break in between the original set and the encore list. Starting off with Courage also probably helped to get the crowd riled up right away as well.

The way Gord sang the lyrics tonight I don’t think he could have gave us a better show. The audience was pretty much able to keep up with the lyrics with him tonight. There were two guys in the front row who I would ¬†swear were word for word with Gord the entire night. It was pretty cool to see I think to see Gord interact with the guys throughout the night even going along with their fishing rod pull from time to time. Now for what i think was the weirdest and the most different aspect about their show tonight was the fact that Gord didn’t address the audience in his usual manner at all throughout the entire show. The guys were also not afraid to throw out a handful of guitar picks out into he audience at the end of the show either. There was a few people in the front row that definitely walked away with a Rob Baker guitar pick in hand. I am actually surprised to see Rob use a guitar pick throughout the night as he has a fine looking set of string picking nails on his left hand, but again trying to use the fingernails each night I bet it wouldn’t take long until they would be all chipped and destroyed.

Now if you are like me and basically missed seeing The Hip growing up this concert made up for it big time. Not only did they play their entire Fully Completely album  (in order) and I got to hear pretty much every song that I ever wanted to hear the guys play live. Poets, New Orleans Is Sinking, Ahead By A Century and then to hear Blow At High Dough to finish off the night definitely put the icing on the cake for me. The show was also a bit of a learning experience as well as I saw how the songs came together guitar wise. Some of the tricks that they used I would have never guessed at. I was actually really surprised by a couple of the solos and leads that Gord Sinclair has in the songs, in once instance I thought for sure that it was either Paul or Rob who played the part.