The Tragically Hip with The Arkells

KRC Presents The Tragically Hip and The Arkells

What an amazing show the Arkells and The Tragically Hip put
on at the KRC on Monday night. I know I will be thinking and remembering this
show for years. This was actually my second crack at hearing the new album from
The Tragically Hip live and I can’t wait for another chance if I’m given the

Opening up the night was The Arkells, and I can’t believe I
have never watched the Arkells live before. After their set tonight I am going to
make sure I never miss another one of their shows in Kingston again. What a
perfect fit they were for an opening band tonight. It was quite easy to tell
that they had quite a few fans in the audience. The guys had no problem working
in the audience throughout their set, Max was on an almost constant attack with
trying to get the audience in to their songs. The invitation for
singing/chanting back and forth played out a few times throughout their set, by the time they hit their last song in their set
Max didn’t even have to fight his way through to the audience they quickly
jumped onto the opportunity. For the size of stage which they had to play with they
took full advantage of the opportunity. Instead of hanging around their microphone
stands they paced the stage and used up most of the space given to them. About halfway
through their set I couldn’t believe the fact that 98.9 the drive has pretty
much played every song of theirs so far and pretty much covered most of their set
as well. My favourite song of their set was “No Champagne Socialist” mainly for
the intro and outro for the song because they added Neil Young’s “Ohio” which
also fit into the song quite nicely. One act which the band did onstage definitely
stood out as a grand gesture in my books as they quickly talked about their
history as a band and how lucky they were to be on this tour, and for me the
biggest moment was when they singled out their show at The Merchant as being
one of the main shows behind the band. To finish off their amazing set they
played “Whistle Blower “to the delight of the audience.

This was the first time in just over ten years since I have
watched The Tragically Hip play a stadium show.
I don’t even think the guys hit the top of the stairs leading to the stage
before the KRC erupted in applause. Quickly Gord took to the front and center
of the stage and they went into their first song of the night “At
Transformation”. They played quite a few songs off of Now For Plan A and also
number of their classic hits. Quickly people in attendance learned that it can
be quite a daunting task while trying to sing along with The Hip. At times it
was quite funny listening to people end up almost a line ahead of Gord,”
Bobcaygeon” was the definite highlight of the night for me, for people singing
along with The Hip. “New Orleans Is Sinking” which is my all-time favourite Hip
song played pretty early on in the night being the fourth song that they
played, secretly I was hoping they were going to add The Killer Whale Tank
addition to the song but it didn’t happen tonight. Throughout their set it was
pretty hard to take your eyes off of Gord as it was pretty much impossible to
guess on what he was going to do next. How he never took the microphone stand in
the head Is still a surprise to me. I even almost took the stand in the head
taking photos; luckily I saw it coming and ducked down lower than the stage. Sarah
Harmer made an appearance twice tonight as a special co- vocalist as she stood
in for the songs “The Lookahead” and “Now For Plan A”. Now normally encore
performances are usually kept to about two or three songs but tonight the guys
played five encore songs. I’m pretty sure they knew they were almost out of
time as they played a sped up version of Little Bones to finish off the night. People
have always said the hometown shows are always the best and I’m pretty Sure The
Tragically Hip proved that theory tonight.