The Trews with The Balconies

Once again The Trews packed the Ale House with a sold out show.

This was the first Trews show that I have seen in the past two years and still after the amount of times that I have watched them play live they still blew me away.

Opening up the night was The Strumbellas started the night off rather early for the Ale House which came as a bit of a surprise. Their sets was a bit of a hit and miss for me, they for sure lost me in their lyrics. After about the second or third song which referenced Jesus I started to tune them right out and didn’t really bother listening to much more of their set. For me the band was playing at the wrong venue with most of their music toying around the country genre, and again due to the lyrics their set became kind of lost on me.

Now onto the Rock portion of the night The Balconies decided to kick things off right with Jacquie yelling for the house music to get cut off. This is the third time already that I have watched The Balconies play live and every time I see them I can’t wait for their next show. Tonight whether they play in front of forty people or a packed house at the Ale House they go all out in their live show. Tonight they gave it their all with the audience quickly taking notice, although and probably a larger part of that attention may have been towards Jacquie. If anyone has ever watched their set before knows exactly what I am talking about and for those who haven’t I urge you to go out and catch them live. Jacquie didn’t stop moving and dancing probably for any longer than five seconds throughout their entire set.  With roughly only forty five minutes to work with The Balconies definitely used the time to their advantage.  The Balconies played songs from their latest Ep titled Kill Count. As they were about half way through their set you could tell by the way the heads were directed to one side of the stage that they had the Ale House in the palm of their hands, even joining in on a few lyrics when they figured out how the song went. Now due to the sound man The Bass guitar really had a strong punch going out into the audience. Nearing the last couple of songs in their set one of the middle strings in Jacquie’s guitar broke which made her quickly break out her other guitar. Also I had no idea how Liam didn’t break half a dozen pairs of sticks during their set, As I was watching him play there was a constant flow of wood chips flying off of his sticks and hitting the floor. By the time their set was done he had a highly noticeable small pile of wood chips lying around his feet. To finish off their set the Balconiesplayed my favourite song which is also the title track “Kill Count”.

After a rather quick change over especially for The Ale House, The Trews finally hit the stage with everyone cheering them on. It has been a little bit since I last saw them play so I was really looking forward to their set. Starting off their set they played the title track from their latest album “Hope And Ruin”. I was hoping that they were going to play a mixture of older and newer tunes and they didn’t disappoint in that regards at all, and I was actually surprised they didn’t play a few more from the newer album. For their second song they play “Not Ready To Go” and for all you Trews fans they added their classic twist of 30 Days in The Hole. This wasn’t going to be the only time that they added a few extra lyrics to a song as they added a couple lyrics from the Beastie Boys. It took the guys a couple of songs before they started into their old form of jumping around the stage but not quite as much compared the last time I watched The Trews live. I was really surprised by the length of their set which was almost twenty songs, including the encore songs. One song which hit the mark on the audience was “Highway Of Heroes”, As I looked around the audience throughout the songs there was only a handful of people who were not singing the lyrics along with Trews. The version of “Tired of Waiting” was a interesting mix tonight as the song was blended with “The Love You Save “ but with Colin calling out on the audience for not screaming louder after he asked if they want to keep going. Nearing the end of their set Sean had a chance to show off to the audience for a few minutes with another wicked drum solo. It took the audience a couple of seconds to catch the drift of what Sean was going for when he stopped for a second and pointed out into the audience with his drumsticks. By the time he finished his solo he managed to throw two pairs of drum sticks out into the audience. I was lucky enough to catch a bit of their sound check so I already knew what their encore was going to be consisted of. Tonight their encore included a tribute to Levon Helm with a helping hand from Paul Langlois and Gord Sinclair, together they played “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” and finally to finish off the night “Up On Cripple Creek”.