The Trews with The Glorious Sons

On Friday Night The Trews played their second home the Alehouse to another sellout show with Local Openers The Glorious Sons.
Never have I seen a opening band before at The Alehouse have a following such as The Glorious Sons did tonight. I’m pretty sure there was not one song that they played that at least half of the audience didn’t know every lyric and sing along with the band. It was quite easy to tell that The Glorious Sons were picking up on the energy from the audience, even to the point where it looked like Brett was going to put his foot through the stage in behind his keyboards a couple of times during their set. Their audience interaction looked and sounded great all set long, it really came into effect when they had the audience sing out loud. What really took me surprise with the audience was when The Glorious Sons asked what song they hadn’t played yet and what they wanted to hear the audience nailed the song which they were going to be playing next. Having two lead vocalists definitely has its benefits during their set, as you get almost two different genres as Brett and Andrew take turns. Andrew for sure has the classic 70’s rock down to a science for the band. My favourite song of their set and the one song which I was looking forward in hearing the most was “White Noise”. Being this is only the second time I have watched them play live they still nailed that song and the effect which that song had on The Ale House was something that should have not been missed. To help out with their second last song in their set “Mama” they had John Angus join them on stage with an acoustic guitar. For their last song in their set they finished off with “Roses”.

I have lost track on how many times I have watched The Trews play live in Kingston, I know it has to be nearing ten times now and tonight marked the first time that they didn’t play a cover song in their encore set let alone a full cover song at all in their set. They did however throw in their usual covers that fit alongside many of their songs including “30 Days in the hole” embedded in “Not Ready To Go”. To start off their set tonight they went with their new single “The Power Of Positive Drinking” which immediately blew the audience into a wild frenzy, it didn’t take long into the song until everyone was going nuts at the front of the stage. There were a few people in the front few rows where I’m sure they sang every lyric in every song in the set. Their set was a nice mix of their older and newer songs and the all-time audience favourites. I’m pretty sure that at any time The Trews could have turned their microphones to the audience and had the audience sing all of their songs for them. Pretty much all of my must hear songs were played tonight which include “Not Ready To Go”, Hold Me, Paranoid Freak, So She’s Leaving. Just before they played “Highway Of Heroes” John Angus introduced us to their new Ribbon shaped guitar that was given to The Trews by a local guitar craftsman, He specially made the guitar specifically for “Highway Of Hereos”. Now no Trews show would be complete without the Sean Dalton Drum solo, at least two pairs of drumsticks landed out into the crowd and about two red bulls were guzzled down during the solo. “Hold Me” finished off the first set and for an encore “Hope and Ruin”, and “And We Are The Trews” finished off the night.