Theory Of A Deadman with Big Wreck

My ears are still ringing quite a bit from Big Wreck and Theory Of A Deadman on Thursday night.  I’m going to have to go with what many people have been saying about the show with the card should have been flipped around. When I was out getting my camera in between sets I was quite surprised with the amount of people who were leaving after Big Wreck set.

Before Big Wreck started their set I was wondering what their set list was going to consist of if this was going to be strictly a Big Wreck set or if they were going to through in a few Thornley songs as well. Very quickly it was easy to tell that their set was the style basis of a Thornley set. The set up was basically the same with Ian taking center stage and having everyone spread out quite a bit across the stage.
 I was actually quite surprised that he gave his drummer Brad Park a chance to shine with a solo nearing the end of the set, when Brad finished his minute longish solo he stood up and bowed to the audience and gave a special thanks to Ian. This was not the first time that I have watched Paulo Neta play with Ian his style of guitar playing fits perfectly in with Ian’s and it is always exciting to see how he is going to manipulate the songs each night. I had a little bit of hope that he was going to get to play a solo or two during their set tonight just as I previously have before, but it didn’t really happen tonight.
One of the greatest aspects going into and throughout the set was what guitars were we going to see. I have always wondered how Ian chooses which guitars he is going to bring on tour with him, I’m pretty sure every time I have seen Ian play he has a completely new guitar rack with him. For their set they played songs spanning all three albums and only one Thornley song “Come Again”. The biggest song for me of their set was “That Song”, Ian asked the audience before they started the song to sing along with them, now I can say that I have finally heard “That Song” played by Big Wreck. Ian’s solos were actually quite short compared to what they could have been and usually are. The blues riffs that he played tonight were outstanding; my favourite riff/solo was played in “Come Again”. I have always thought that Ian just doesn’t get the reorganization for his guitar skills that he deserves he always seems to get left off every list that I ever read. Big Wreck played four songs off their latest album “Albatross” with the songs “A Million Days”, “Wolves”, “Albatross” and “All is Fair”. To finish off their set they played to the audience amazement “The Oaf”. When they finished their set and were walking off the stag there were quite a few chants for an encore but it was not going to happen tonight.

This was the first time that I have watched Theory Of A Deadman play live before. They were definitely there to play a show for the fans and easily had the most audience interaction that I have seen at the Krock Centre before. They came out onto the stage with “Blame Canada” blaring out into the audience.
Their first song in their set was “Genlteman” with the first thirty seconds or so being played in the dark with a minimum amount of stage lighting.
Tyler didn’t waste too much time before getting the audience interaction going as he brought out his iphone and had the audience cheer to see who was louder the men or the women he did this a couple of times before deciding that the women were the winners. Later on in the set Tyler began a game called “Tyler Says” which involved the audience giving the horns and clapping in the air. Pretty much all of their songs were being sung by the audience, there were quite a few people who knew every word to every song that they played tonight. There were a few songs that I was looking forward in watching and even a couple that I completely forgot about as well.
One of my favourite songs came in a form of a cover. During their three song acoustic set in the middle of their set they played a cover of Alice in Chains “Got Me Wrong”. I thought they would have played “Santa Monica” on acoustic but it was played a couple of songs after the acoustic portion of the set was done. One song that took me by surprise was “Bitch Came Back” that was probably one of the last songs that I thought they would play live tonight.
 Now if you were on the floor and didn’t walk away without a guitar pick I would be quite surprised it seemed Tyler was constantly throwing them out into the crowd, I’m pretty sure he went through three mic stands worth of pics. I ended up with a couple as one hit me in the face after I lost it in the lighting and found one later on the floor, but the second they hit the floor it was like a flock of seagulls with people looking for them even at the end of the night people were scouring the floor looking for the picks. To finish off the night they played one hell of a version of “Bad Girlfriend” with every female in the audience making a few eyes pop as they danced away to the song.