This Ain’t Romance Tour with For The Birds/Swaying Tuesdays and An Optional Circus

Thursday night at Revolutions Night Club saw the return of local band An Optional Circus with touring partners Swaying Tuesdays and For The Birds.

It was a little mixed up genre wise tonight as there was the alternative edge covered by An Optional Circrus, Pop and Rock with a little alternative with For The Birds and 70’s, Surf Rock and Pop covered by Swaying Tuesdays.

This also marked the night that I interviewed two bands at once which can be found at the bottom of this page and the interview section as well. It wasn’t suppose to work out that way but since it was mighty cold out and the fact everyone was still hanging around out back after their sound check it just happened. Also I managed to catch An Optional Circus at the end of the night as well.

The night started off rather early a few minutes before ten and also ended just after twelve luckily because of the way the roads were turning into a suicide mission trying to get home.

Starting off the night was Swaying Tuesdays, The first thing I said to the band after their set was I didn’t expect to hear the songs that they played and also with the attitude as well. They were a little genre bending in such a way that they had the Beach Boys as an influence which could be heard throughout their set coming from their guitar player, especially during their second song that they played. There was an influential mix of The Beach Boys, and also I kind of pulled a little bit of Tokyo Police club out of the song especially in the vocals. What struck me the most during their set was the fact that they not only covered the Beatles once in their set but twice. The first Beatles cover song was “Don’t Let Me Down”. The second time they started to play a Beatles cover I thought the guitarist was just joking around by playing the opening riff to Helter Skelter but as the lyrics starting pumping through I knew it was no joke, the vocals definitely had a lot of energy put into them and at some points almost a little to much especially during the “Yeah”  parts of the song, the song was a definite confidence booster for the band as they finished the song. The lead singer is a definite driving force behind their live show presence as he doesn’t stop interacting with the guitarist and bassist and is constantly dancing on stage during verses in the songs as well. I also can’t forget to mention that they are only around twenty years old as well, It will be interesting to hear what comes from the band in a couple of years.

Up next was An Optional Circus, it is unusual for the local band not to play last but because of work arrangements for one of the members they had to go on second. This was for me the best show that they have put on that I have watched. I can’t say I have ever seen a musician make beneficial strides as quickly as their lead singer has. In just a short period of time he has really progressed for the bands benefit. His vocal levels were not all over the place as they were before and the timing with the rest of the band has gotten better as well. They started off with the same opening song but without the need of ear plugs which is quite unusual for a AOC show. They played mostly the same set as they usually do but with different keyboard parts thrown in by the lead singer, which gave the songs different sounding intros especially during their first song called “In The Open Air” also probably the most Tool laced influence out of their original songs. “Dead Technology” which was their second song had wicked sounding reverb added to the vocals. Cover songs which were included in their set is “Archer on The Beach””28 Days Later” and “Terminator”. One thing that I think could never be touched by any other member of the band is andrew on drums, there is a reason why they call him Animal. I am always surprised by the fact that he doesn’t go through any of his drums skins ever set. I don’t think there is anyone else in Kingston who hits as hard as he does all set long. Nearing the end of the set he finally broke one of this sticks and as quickly as he broke it he had it flying halfway across the place ending up almost hitting the bar itself. To finish off their set they finished with “The Audacity” .

For The Birds finished off the night, they were going to start a little earlier but were pulled off and told to hold on for another few minutes. I listened to a few of their tracks before their show from their Reverbnation page but I found that their live show was a little different from the recording which I had a listen to. Their was diffidently more energy from their live show then their recorded songs. The pop/rock sound was there, the pop sound was derived more from their lead singer Katie Kaboom. A lot of their driving force came from their drummer, I couldn’t believe as their set progressed how fast and how much went into the drums throughout their songs. There were a few short breaks in a couple of the songs which he used to stand up and give out the devil horns to the audience. The guitarist and bassist were ones for never getting caught standing in one place for very long they were constantly moving around the stage and meeting each other behind Katie as most times she didn’t even take notice to.  As their third song was being introduced during the bass intro Katie made the mention that this song was making Tron glow in the dark, which he actually was from the black lighting and his white shirt. One of the songs that I wanted to hear after listening to their music online was “Hysterical Pregnancies”, this song a well rounded mix of pop and rock. The vocals sounded completely different live as they do in the recorded version. I found myself paying attention the drums a lot in this song, mostly due to the fact that they really stood out live and the motions which were going into it. To finish off the night the bassist started off the song playing with a bow but quickly threw it down on the ground and kicked it out of harms way. To finish off their set and the night the guitarist and bassist dissembled the drum kick a little and the guitarist went to the front of the stage with the floor tom and the bassist took one of the toms and played it was he walked around to the back of Revolutions then back to the stage.