Thornley and Suns Of Static

Thornley and Suns Of Static rocked the sh*t out of the Ale House on Wednesday night.

There were three bands in total on Wednesday night, Suns Of Static opened the show and then Mini Mansions with led to Thornley.

Suns Of Static I’m going to say is the best rock group to form in Kingston in the last little while. It only took two songs before they had the front of the stage packed with everybody who was there. Their set started off a little rough however with the lead singer trying to get people to yell out “Hey” along with him. It did however work for them a few songs down the setlist. The vocals throughout the set were pretty good. I was surprised at the power of the vocals throughout their set. The only thing really bad about their set was due to the sound guy not cranking the speakers as loud as they could go. Suns Of Static went through songs from their forthcoming debut album, this will be a album that you will want to pick up. There was also a Tragically Hip song that was played and it pretty much turned into a sing a long with the audience. During the set the drummer threw out his drumstick and managed to hit the one person that wasn’t paying attention to the stage. At the end of their set they had everybody in the audience wanting more.

When the Mini Mansions were setting up I already thought I wasn’t going to like what I was going to hear. Usually when you see a set of stand-up drums a keyboard and a bass usually the music is going to be a little limited. Their sound was pretty much a newer college version of The Beatles but without any catchy riffs. I wasn’t impressed at all by too many of their songs. They even through in a Beatles cover but even then they put their own spin on the song, and it took me a minute to catch on to the song. I would have put them on first because of their sound and the fact that Suns Of Static did such and awesome job at building the night up the Mini Mansions destroyed what they did to the audience.

There was a bit of a wait for Thornley to come on to the stage. This marked the sixth time that I have watched Thornley play live. I don’t know what it is about his songs but every time that I see him play I just want him to play the same songs every night. Between each concert they are pretty much the same, He comes on the stage and rocks the sh*t out of it and then comes back out for two or three encore songs. But this time however he added a couple of different songs to the mix he added Lady Like and Might Be The End. The classic songs that I always want to hear and he always play are That Song, The Oaf, Easy Comes and Falling To Pieces. At the start of That Song Thornley changed the starting of the song to Crazy by gnarls Barkley, the last time he opened with a Tom Petty song. One of the funniest thing that happened was one donkey in the audience asked Ian if one of his guitars was heavy because it was one of his “steel” guitars. Ian made sure to ask if it was a legitimate question, the donkey insured that it was and Ian said in a comical tone that “why actually it is very light because it is hallow. I’m pretty sure the entire Ale House laughed at the guy after that. During most of Thornley’s songs you could hear half of the audience singing along to every song. What I found odd with the stage setup this time was the drummer had a plexi glass case set up in front of his drum set to stop the reflection of sound, This was the first time that I have seen someone use this before. The encore performance was pretty good as well they played four songs one of which he rarely ever plays the song live.