Vagabond Opera

When I had my first listen to Vagabond Opera I was taken astride by their sound mainly their outstanding vocals. What intrigued my interest about watching their live performance at the Mansion on Monday night was the comparative sound with the vocals. I was first taken away by Eric’s and Ashia vocals while I sampled their new album “The Zeitgeist Beckons”, now I wanted to hear the comparative sound live. They did not disappoint, I was flabbergasted at how amazing they sounded live. Eric having many years of Opera singing under his belt pretty much didn’t even need a mic throughout the night. A Couple of times he went out into the middle of the venue and filled the room with his vocals. Ashia as well carried her own with her cello playing and her sultry performance during a couple of songs. The one song that struck me the most with Ashia was Ganef. I was fortunate enough to capture the video for this song as well. This is the song that shows the wide range of vocal capabilities of which Ashia is capable of.

Throughout the entire night you really didn’t know what to expect next. During the show I did not expect to see the audience participation in which I witnessed. There were a few audience members which didn’t take a seat for the entire show and used the backend of the floor to dance on. At one point in time Eric and Ashia both took to the floor and created a small Hora dance. Robin was also not afraid to join in the action while playing his saxophone.

Another interesting characteristic of Vagabond Opera is their stylistic stage attire. I have witness bands dress the part but not quite in detail as Vagabond Opera has done. I was impressed by the effort in which the band puts forth for their stage presence. All the guys in the band were wearing all vests, shirts and ties. And classy hats, while Ashia dressed in sensuous attire which contained hidden stage props inside.

A song in particular that stuck with me throughout the next day at work was their rendition of Alabama song, the way in which the vocals were brought out in the song stuck with me throughout most of the day. A couple of songs in which Robin sung also were of worthy note including the last song The Party song. They promised that the song was going to be a dancing song but for the first half of the song it was not as promised but then all of a sudden the band took off and the place exploded in excitement.

At the end of the night I was left impressed by the extraordinary talented band members which comprise Vagabond Opera.