Vorasek with Stuck On Planet Earth and Waterbodies

On Friday night the Merchant Tap got a severe blast of alternative rock as Stuck On Planet Earth The Waterbodies and Vorasek took to the stage.

Starting off the night and actually pretty much on time was the Waterbodies. This was the first time that I have heard of and watched the Waterbodies before. Tonight we got to hear a few of their tracks from their latest album and a couple of new ones as well, they also had one hell of a heavy alternative take on a few covers was quite interesting, especially with Zero. Having the hardest time slot of the night the guys didn’t take it into consideration at all and ripped up the entire stage all set long. They called on the audience a few times to come closer with the last time creating a memorable scene by the band calling out a guys bluff by yelling out come closer to him which they did and carried their guitars and mic stands about five feet off the Merchant stage and began to play “Song 2”.

This was the second time now that I have been able to check out Stuck On Planet Earth. They are currently working towards their next album and we got to hear a couple of new songs that they have been working on, and we heard songs from their last album titled Play Along. Just as the Waterbodies did Stuck On Planet Earth ripped up the stage as much as they could throughout their forty five minute set, even bringing in a couple more people to the front of the stage, but having a show on Good Friday didn’t help either. Stuck On Planet Earth are definitely one of the few bands that is going to make sure that 90’s alternative genre is never going to die, especially with their show tonight. They were not afraid to mix up the tempos quite a bit tonight by going from a fast pace alternative song and down all the way to a slower grungier sound, which normally might have not fit in well with the normal Merchant sound but tonight it was the perfect genre and sound that you could ask for. I am looking forward in hearing their next recording and hoping that they hit up Kingston once they release their new album.

To finish off the night was Vorasek, this is one band that has had to battle probably the worst battles that any band has to go through with members leaving and tonight losing their new lead singer to a back injury. So tonight Ted had to take control of the vocals and Bass duties as well. Their songs have changed quite a bit from the first time that they began playing them, and tonight as a three piece they sounded wildly different again with only having Jeebs playing lead. Vorasek kept close to the same set list that they normally do but tonight for a bit of a change to their covers they played a coarse version of Judas Priest “Breaking The Law” which brought the audience tighter together at the front of the stage. One of the songs that really stuck out in their set was their newer song “Last Ride”, the guitar parts in the song were quite catchy but it will be interesting to hear the song with their lead singer singing the song. Now if you ever have watched Vorasek play a show then you already know what song they kept until their final song of the night.