White Cowbell Oklahoma, Sex Ray Vision, A Town In Caves

On Sunday night White Cowbell Oklahoma fresh of another European Tour Made a trip down the 401 to Wreak Havoc at the Mansion with Kingston bands A Town In Caves and Sex Ray Vision.

Leaving  their what to seems to be normal trail of destruction, This was the first time that a WCO didn’t blow way past closing time.

Starting off the night was A Town In Caves, this was around the third time that I have watched A Town In Caves live now and every time their set has been completely different. Their set list was completely rewritten and even their overall sound was totally different as well. There was still an incredible amount of fuzz and grittiness but the tremolo and reverb seemed to be at a minimal or completely gone from their songs. They still seem to be trying to discover their own sound, and with the amount of Pedals that Will can bring to the stage I don’t think they will ever has a specific sound which is something that will always make their sets interesting. Tonight they started off their set with a cover and a version of “El Condor Pasa” that you probably will never hear again. This was the heaviest and most fuzzed out version that I have ever heard before. They managed to throw in a couple of their own tunes and slipped in covers in their set which got cut short as a call for one more song came from the sound board. They did finish off their set with the same exit they did the last time I saw them with will turning the dials on his multiple pedals to give their set a screaming finish.

Up next was Sex Ray Vision trying to blow a few ear drums out at the Mansion. This is one band that I hope stays in Kingston when they are all done school. It was quite easy to tell that they have been putting hard work into their songs and stage presence; they had quite a few well timed moves with each other on stage throughout their set. They set was the loudest and heaviest set of the night as they played a mix of metal, hard rock covers and originals. Josh a couple of times tried to push the audience in making their way to the front of the stage but it wasn’t really going to happen for them tonight. They didn’t switch around their guitars tonight as they did the previous time I watched them play. Now having the extra rhythm player has really let Alex rip on the solos throughout each song and has made a huge impact on their overall sound and performance. Josh stood ground on the lead vocals tonight, if you like the sounds of Monster Trucks Jon Harvey then you will definitely dig Josh’s vocals as well. Again their guitar work throughout their set sounded and looked awesome throughout their set, the timing that all four of them had never failed at any point in time. Now it’s just time for the guys to put out an album already!

Finally the hour was upon us White Cowbell Oklahoma hit the Mansion stage. Even for a Sunday Night and being Kingston during exams they still managed to bring a crowd out and they were not left disappointed. They are still out in support of their latest album Buenas Nachas which they layered a few songs from the album upon the audience. They also covered songs from their previous albums as well going all the way back to their first album Cencerro Blanco. WCO had a bit of a different lineup from the last time they played Kingston with two new guitarists, and holy shit could they play and sing Metal. Stealing the lead singer from Mokomokai brought an entire new sound and abilities to their songs, Fuck could he ever sing, taking 70’s Metal to the f’n max tonight. Just to prove a point they busted into “(Tear You) A New One” and half way through Blind BBQ Wilson hit the riff of Hocus Pocus – Focus. All of a sudden Chainsaw Charlie came out from the back of the stage with the Ceremonial Cowbell on fire, timing the blaring fire to the vocals and guitars. One song that I always look forward into hearing is “Shot A Gamblin’ Man” which I was not disappointed once again, it didn’t take the audience long to catch on to the lyrics of the chorus of this one. Clem made his way off the stage and made his round around the Mansion taking a chair to stand on during his trek away from the stage.  There was a special giveaway tonight as Chainsaw Charlie threw out a possibly new possibly used Cock rag out into the audience, but after a brief description on how it used first of course.Now what White Cowbell Oklahoma show would be without the sweet smell of Chainsaw exhaust filling the air? After a few pulls and calls from the band “Chainsaw” Chainsaw Charlie quickly filled the upstairs of the Mansion with smoke, after revving the saw for a few seconds in front of the mic he took his attention to his famous markings in the ceiling, Adding a third notch to the ceiling, out came the toilet paper, almost two full rolls got shot out into the audience tonight and was quickly spread all around from the audience. Finishing off the night in Classic White Cowbell Oklahoma form they finished off with a song about geography and oral Health “Put The South In Your Mouth”.

A Town In Caves

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Sex Ray Vision

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White Cowbell Oklahoma

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