White Cowbell Oklahoma with Mokomokai and Conan and The Romantyks

>Last Wednesday Night The Magpie Taproom hosted one hell of a loud and probably the craziest show that the bar has ever seen when White Cowbell Oklahoma with Mokomokai and Conan and The Romantyks 

Just to prove the point that little bit more even the breaker system couldn’t even stand the power that all the bands were pulling off the grid as they the staff had to go downstairs and reset the breakers a few times throughout the night. This was the first time that I have ever witnessed bands blowing  the breakers before.

Up first was Conan and The Romantyks, this was definitely one of the funniest bands that I have watched in along time. They have a great sounding vibe to all of their songs with catchy riffs which really stretch out from a few different genres and decades. For me their lyrics and song titles is what stuck out the most for me during their set. Also the timing in their set was pretty sweet too, like the windmill to a Metalhead Conan has written and placed quite a few movements and actions into each song especially when it comes to the 80's hip hop arm wave, and also his pedal work was quite smooth. They are currently working on their first ep so it will be interesting to hear what they sound like recorded compared to their live sound. 

Up next was Mokomokai, here is a band that I have been waiting to see for quite some time now. I have watched John play in WCO and he ripped up the stage with his screeching high pitched vocals and also after watching a couple of their videos I knew I had to witness this band live. Let me tell you the wait was well worth it. Even the stage could only hold the power of mokomokai for a quick moment before they blew the power out. Fuck, it didn’t take long before John led us down a road which no one could turn around on, his screeches/vocals are something that just has to be witnessed live.  Then not forgetting the heaviness of the band altogether, it was almost an instant that they had packed the Magpie Taproom and that everyone in the room was now sweating profusely. Even though I had my crappy foam earplugs in my ears were still left ringing more than normal after their set. I have no idea how I haven’t mentioned the shredding and riffs that were blared out from the stage and that is even including the heavy Bass sounds that were pumping off the stage as well. With a couple of classic long haired Metal head bangers in the crowd they made sure their presence was felt throughout Mokomokai’s set and throughout the Magpie as well.

And here is a set that the Magpie Taproom should have saw coming but let WCO  go wild anyways.  Just as Mokomokai’s set quickly WCO blew the power from the stage which Clem led us into a hand clap white he flew off stage and shook peoples hands and personally thanked them for showing up for the show. Tonight’s set was completely different from any other show that I have watched before the set list was changed quite dramatically and they even let off one of their biggest hits “Put The South In Your Mouth. But they did make it up in wicked hard hitting riffs throughout their set. WCO even split up their set by with a cover, well I guess it can’t really be called a cover when they brought Joan Smith from Little Foot Long Foot up on stage to nail the crowd with one of her own songs. Joan quickly tore straight into the audience with her striking vocals. Now what WCO show would be without a bit of fire added, Chainsaw Charlie took care of that one again tonight as he let the fire fly off his cowbell and quickly setting a small part of the floor and stage carpeting ablaze a bit before it was stomped out. There was a call out for the chainsaw tonight as well but it was a little too cramped in there tonight for that one to happen. By the time their set was complete and with everyone being a ridicules sweaty mess in the room and yet still yelling for more, WCO cut their set off and made room for Fat As Fuck to finish off the night.



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