White Cowbell Oklahoma with Radio Mama and T3RR3STRIAL

White Cowbell Oklahoma T3RR3STRIAL And Radio Mama

White Cowbell Oklahoma made their return to the Mansion on Thursday night and left a permanent mark at the Venue.

Opening up the night was supposed to be Doll which unfortunately had to cancel as their van broke down on route to Kingston.

Now starting off the night was Radio Mama, it was a little unfortunate for the band that there still wasn’t a large crowd at the Mansion yet. For a being a band that is just made up of a lead singer and drummer they had one hell of a big sound. The lead singer “” vocals were a definite surprise in their set. Bringing in a combining a few different genres to his vocals the 60’s psycho Billy really stood out the most. It didn’t take Ben long at all before he was into full gear which he stayed in until his set was finished. Since he was the only person onstage Ben easily moved and played around the stage and frequently playing in front of his amp. About halfway through the set he left the stage while playing and took a few swigs of beer before making his way back to the stage. Not even a broken guitar string halfway through a song couldn’t even stop him as Ben quickly picked up his Fender threw the strap over his shoulder while still keeping his Epiphone on and continued to play until the end of the song. At the end of the song he unbuckled the Epiphone strap and let the guitar hit the stage with the audience making a shocking sound as the guitar came crashing down. Cody didn’t have a problem keeping up to his partner on drums all set long. At times Cody’s drumming style sounded similar to a punk/Meg White style compared to what Ben was playing on Guitar. One notable song that they played was a wicked cover of “Good Golly Miss Molly” which you could only really guess at from the lyrics because of the way Ben reworked the song. To finish out their set they played “The Ballad Of Lulu Honolulu”

T3RR3STRIAL marked the second time that I have watched a band get cut off by the sound guy. As they were going into their last song Matt’s vocals got cut off almost right away which I don’t think he noticed until a little later in the song but he still kept on screaming into both microphones. Tonight also marked the end to Matt’s strobe light which he uses to end their set and song “Dead Technology”, as he continually smashed it on the stage going into the last thirty seconds of their final song. T3RR3STRIAL’s set started off as it normally does with the song “In the Open Air” with probably one of the biggest bass intro’s that I hear on what it seems to be a regular basis. I am always amazed by the skill that J.F and Curt have to display each night as they are constantly watching each other and have to base their timing on Matt throughout their set. J.F went quickly into his stage pose which he has made it to be his own during their second song “Red Horizon”. I’m amazed that “Animal” only managed to break the kick drum pedal during his set and avoiding going through the snare. Every instrument plays such a crucial part in the overall sound in T3RR3STRIAL and the hammering sound of the drums has become a crucial aspect of their live show.

This is the third time that I have watched White Cowbell Oklahoma play here at the Mansion and also the third time that Chainsaw Charlie has left his mark in the ceiling. Now if anyone ever asks how the marks came to be in the ceiling they can now look at the initials WCO clearly carved out in the ceiling. WCO came to town with a bit of a different lineup tonight having two new members in the band. Tonight it only took about two minutes before they were breaking equipment on stage as Clem C Clemson snapped a microphone stand in half, and using the other end as a swinging weapon around the stage making some of the audience take about three steps back from the stage.

The Main Features of their live shows still existed tonight with The Bottle Of Jagermeister being poured down The audiences and WCO Throats which for some reason took a bit longer than normal it seemed people just didn’t want to step up to the plate( I know I did), The shots of sparks being tossed out into the audience from Chainsaw Charlie using a grinder on one of his cowbells, and the fresh smell of exhaust from The Chainsaw as it ripped through the ceiling and the two rolls of toilet paper which was spread throughout the Mansion by the end of the night. One thing which was missing from the show tonight was the fireballs which would shot out from Chainsaw Charlie using a spray bottle filled with Kerosene, oh yeah they play music as well.

Tonight they were out in support of their brand new album “Buenas Nachas” yet we only got to hear a couple of songs from the new album. They kept mostly to their set list that they played the last time which included a couple of songs such as “Cheerleader”,”Polecat”, “This Cracker”, “Shot A Gamblin’ Man” and my personal favourite which usually gets played near the end of their set “Put The South In Your Mouth”. The explanation of what “Put The South In Your Mouth” is usually pretty good and the explanation tonight was no different. The version of “Put The South In Your Mouth” was expanded quite a bit with Clem trying to get the audience into the song by helping out with the lyrics it took a couple of seconds for some reason for a few people to catch on but they finally did.

Then to really put the show over the top Handsome Chuck Sirloin gave the audience one hell of a guitar shred solo then was put to the test by WCO and had everyone’s guitars strapped around his shoulders and was forced to play each guitar, bass and finally hi- hats which were being held in front of his face. I would really hate to be the person who has to clean up after one of these shows because of all the smashed glass, booze all over the floor and the Toilet paper which even found its way outside.