White Cowbell Oklahoma with Rustic Fuzz

Saturday Night marked the return of the debauchery which was White Cowbell Oklahoma at the Mansion. The night was also a fundraiser for the Kingston Roller Derby Girls as well. When I first saw this show being advertised a couple of months ago I was pumped to see the show again. I was really surprised that they came back to Kingston as soon as they did, I didn’t think after the last time they were in Kingston they were ever going to be allowed back after the path of destruction they left behind.

Rustic Fuzz started the night off around ten thirty I ended up missing most of their set while I was outside interviewing Chainsaw Charlie and Clem C Clemson but for what I saw out of the two piece band I was pretty amazed. They were definitely the best out of the two opening bands, I would have rather heard them play the two sets than the second band which played. I was really wondering what covers they were going to do since there was only the lead guitar player and the drummer on stage, and they really managed to pull things off despite the fact of only having two members. This was the first time that I have heard Hugo’s version of 99 Problems being played live and it sounded pretty good, the song went over really good with the audience as well. One band in particular I figured that we would hear a couple of covers from was going to be The White Stripes one song that I did get to hear was Seven Nation Army, the intro drum beat pretty much gave the song away right at the start. The vocals sounded as if they were favouring each genre which they were playing as well. Next time they are playing in town I am going to try my best to make it out to the show after tonight’s performance.

The second band that followed was a real disappointment, for me there really isn’t too much to say about the set rather it almost turned me off for the night. They took their time setting up their gear for a set that was no better than a high school band set who is just starting out. The vocals were not even close to anything which the jumping around guitarist was playing at all. It got to the point where all of a sudden their set got cut down to one song.  I always stride myself in not taking a band down but I just really couldn’t find anything good about this set at all hence why you don’t see a band name.

Ahh finally the time has Hit, The Time for White Cowbell Oklahoma to release some Hell on The Mansion once again. I mentioned earlier in the interview that they left their mark the last time in the ceiling and I was assured by Chainsaw Charlie that he had  a better surprise this time in store. WCO has a newer member since they played the last time with their new guitarist Handsome Chuck. By the way he stood his ground on stage and with his playing and timing if you didn’t know he was new there would be no telling at all. He hit every signal that Clem threw at him, he even ventured out into the crowd a little as well. We didn’t get to hear any new tunes tonight via the transition but I was promised if I go to the show at Lee’s Palace on the 17th I would. But I was more than happy to hear all their older tunes spanning their twelve years in existence.

Right from the second that they hit the stage WCO Released all hell onto our ears, not slowing down for anything, Chainsaw Charlie slipped on stage and starting beating the hell out of his cowbell. All set long they kept up with the same pace and at some points in time even got faster and harder, the energy level from the audience was almost matching what WCO was giving off the stage. It didn’t take long until the sparks started flying off from the back of the stage as Chainsaw Charlie hit his cowbell with the grinder. I am still amazed that they are able to pull it off with the ceiling being so low but I guess that’s what happens when WCO is in town. Not only does a Grinder abuse the cowbell but it didn’t take too long before The cowbell was lit on fire with a little help from a flammable spray liquid which did taste a little funny, fire and fireballs soon rose off of the cowbell.

Having sponsors is always nice but it is awesome when you are sponsored by Jagermeister. Each show they get a bottle up on stage and ram the contents down peoples throats, it didn’t take long for the bottle to get polished off tonight and I even got probably about two shots worth down my throat this time as well.

The introductions to their songs are something not to be missed as well, especially when they introduced,  “one point on the love scale” with She’s Got My Love In Her Hand. But my personal favourite is the song, Put The South In Your Mouth. If anyone has ever been to their show you know what I mean for people who haven’t been what the f*ck is wrong with you.  This song also involves the audience getting involved by chanting/singing the title.

Now the top end of their show has to be the chainsaw vs. Toilet Paper, now for some reason one donkey thought he would get a little close but it didn’t take long for Clem to clear him away from the stage. Once again the Chainsaw won with the toilet paper being spread out from one end to the other of the Mansion and even making it downstairs. I can’t describe what it looks like but have a gander at the pics or Youtube for videos of what it does look like. Now you may think that they Chainsaw would be kept for the end but this only happens around the halfway mark of their set as they still have a shit load more songs to go through.  Now came time for Chainsaw Charlie to leave their mark once again and holy f*ck did he ever there is now the official mark and seal of approval embedded into the Mansion now. If you ever go there you will see what I mean.

A couple of songs which I wanted to hear which they did play was “Shot A Gamblin Man”, “Put The South In Your Mouth” “Polecat” “Monster Railroad”. I am still amazed with everything that is going on all the time that the three guitarists can still come together for the timing in everything since they have so many different riffs and leads in every song.

After the first set it only took Chainsaw Charlie to say make some noise if you want to see more WCO and quickly they came back out to the stage to play a couple of more songs. To finish out the night they had all the women of the Mansion to come up on stage and shake what they got. If there was a contest with who out did everyone else the chick in the striped dress defiantly grinded out the competition.