White Cowbell Oklahoma with Spitfist and MeatHook

Friday night was the best show to date for me at The Mansion. Not only did White Cowbell Oklahoma tear apart the stage and left their mark on the ceiling there were also the opening acts Spitfist and Meathook.

Meathook to the stage first. This was the second time in recent weeks which I have watched Meathook play.  I had a couple of songs which I wanted to hear, which they did end up playing. This was the first show which Meathook’s new member guitarist Ian Stewart. Meathook’s song  lyrically are one of the more entertaining portions of their performance. Vocally they sounded great tonight because you could understand everything that was being sung. I was actually a little surprised by how clear the vocals were, also their timing especially when they added in a few extra lyrics and guitar/bass licks. Meathook started off with their song “Fat Kid In The Toilet” right away they had the audience laughing and started to bring the audience a little closer to the stage. During “Radiation Mutation” Joey tore the shit off his fret board and kept it up throughout the rest of their set. “Scum Bum” was another song which I wanted to hear mostly because of the lyrics it’s one of those songs which you  have to hear for yourself. Fuzzy felt the wrath of Justin at one point during their set with a song dedication to him called “Dirty Cunt Fuck Whore” and that was the song, it gave the audience a good laugh. Meathook finished out their set with “Other People Are Fuckin Lame”.

Fat Kid In The Toilet
Radiation Mutation
Church Of Meathook
Party Like The Devil
Night Of The Living Fatties
Scum Bum
In Beer We Trust
Dirty Cunt Fuck Whore
Zombie Attack
Other People Are Fuckin Lame

Spitfist just plain and simple blew me the fuck away There wasn’t a second of their set which didn’t. I couldn’t believe the sound at first which was coming from the stage, vocally and instrumental. I should have expected to hear something heavy when I saw Dee take to the stage. The vocals from Stacey was the definite money maker of their set, The raw/harsh and powerful vocals blew me away throughout their set. At the start of the set Stacey brought out four beers with her and put them on the back of the stage and come about the eighth song there wasn’t a full one left. By the time The Girls finished “I Don’t Give A Fuck” they had the Roller Derby Team Moshing at the sides and the front of the stage. Now Caitlin was hitting the living hell out of the drums, I was taken away by how hard she was hitting the drum kit through out their set. Out of all the members I think most eyes were on the bassist Alicia for most of the set. She added a nice touch to the vocals as well while helping provide backing vocals. Normally I find in between songs are usually a drag but Spitfist made it into a part of their show, just as Meathook did Spitfist broke out jokes and talked to the audience between the songs. My favourite was the break after H.E.R.P.E.E.S when someone yelled out they could play the guitar with their dick which Stacey replied with “We could put a pair of lips on Fretboard but I don’t think anything will happen”. Another lyrically interesting song followed H.E.R.P.E.E.S which was Baby Bird. The raw/harsh sounding vocals really came out during this song.

City Roads
I Don’t Give A Fuck
Bring Yer To Gun To Work
Baby Bird
No Legs
Out The Door

At the start of the night I saw a box of power tools on the stage but I didn’t know if they were actually going to be used or not Holy Fuck was I ever wrong. It didn’t take very long for Chainsaw Charlie to break out the grinder from the box of power tools and used it against his cowbell and rained sparks into the ceiling and out into the crowd.

Even before the guys walked out onto the stage everybody in the Mansion moved towards and surrounded the front of the stage. They started off the night with “Piece Of The Action” Clem did a wicked intro with his whammy bar.  “Shot A Gamblin’ Man” brought out the Jagermeister after a pass through the band Chainsaw Charlie made his way through the front of the stage and then headed out into the audience with the bottle, It didn’t take very long for the bottle to be polished off.  

White Cowbell Oklahoma throughout their set never let the night slow down even for a second, when there needed to be tuning done Chainsaw Charlie came to the rescue and moved to the front of the stage and took over the mic. What really got the crowd laughing was the white towel which was being sold at their merch table.  “The Coochie Rag” which was yelled out, the rag that can clean up any protein stain on a pair of tits ass, back, hair and face.

White Cowbell Oklahoma unfortunately had their double neck guitar break pretty early into the set which was a disappointment for me because you just don’t get to see someone playing a double neck very often. I was really shocked when it was put in the way of the sparks flying off the cowbell from the Grinder.

I heard rumours flying around from people all night from people saying that they saw the chainsaw and you could see the pole in the back of the stage but I didn’t think in a million years they would start it up on stage by the fuck I was wrong. This was the first time which I saw a chainsaw being used on stage, everybody took a couple of steps back from the stage once it started up. It didn’t take very long for the Mansion to fill up with smoke from the saw which was f’n awesome in itself. This made the night for me this was the spectacle That is White Cowbell Oklahoma coming to life. I watched many of videos seeing the toilet paper being shred but watching it happed right in front of me was something else in itself. By the end of the night the toilet paper was spread throughout the entire upstairs and even shreds of the paper made it down the stairs and outside.

My favourite song of the night was “Put The South In Your Mouth”. The opening riff to the song just rocked the shit out me. The guitar shredding which happens half way through the song was awesome to see up close and live. The song even brought in the audience with a sing a long portion as well, which got louder and louder each time it was sung.

White Cowbell Oklahoma called out for Dee from Spitfist to come onto the stage to take over guitar, It took about a minute before she was onto the stage and ripping the shit out of the guitar which she was given, the rest of Spitfist made their way to the front of the stage to cheer her on.

During their version of “Frankenstein”  which caught me off guard, they added a little extra to the song. But they were saving  a little hidden gem in the song. They introduced the middle section of the stage as a wrestling ring and invited any women to wanted to wrestle onto the stage. It didn’t take long before the Roller Derby Girls to get on stage and literally pick up and throw Stacey from Spitfist onto the stage. All of a sudden there was a tag match on the stage and two Roller Derby Girls and Caitlin and Alicia were on the stage wrestling. The match lasted for the duration of Frankenstein and had the entire audience screaming for more and more.

The guys came out to do two songs for an encore but not before Chainsaw Charlie came out and had to encourage a little bit more noise from the audience. If White Cowbell Oklahoma ever comes to your town/city go to the FUCKEN SHOW!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!!!