YGK Fest 2012 with Sandman Viper Command, Little Foot Long Foot, Cai.ro

Thursday night YGK Fest presented Sandman Viper Command with Little Foot Long Foot and Cai.ro.

Starting the night off tonight was Cai.ro. Cai.ro was down members for the show tonight but that didn’t stop the remaining duo from putting on a great sounding set. Their setup for tonight was Nate on lead vocals and acoustic guitar and Dante on backing vocals and electric guitar. Their set was a little shorter than what I would have liked to hear, especially after they went into my favourite song off their album Selfish only three songs in. One of the main aspects about their set that I am pretty sure everybody took home was the vocals throughout the set. While Nate was just fantastic on lead vocals Dante was equally as good providing backing vocals and sounds. The way Dante was playing the electric guitar fitted really nicely into the songs as he was mostly adding backing sounds to the songs and didn’t over take and over play his guitar at all which could have easily been done. After their third song Selfish they joked about not having a backing band and yet they were still counting in the other instruments as if they were still playing alongside them. Their sound was ever changing throughout their set mostly due in part by the large pedal board that they brought up on stage. Even with the many different guitar sounds that they could create it was their harmonies that came out on top throughout their set. Their album was recorded live off the floor so if you don’t believe me go check them out.

I am still amazed by Little Foot Long Foot set; I definitely did not see a set like this coming at all. It was a real shame that there were not enough people in the Mansion to take in this set. Joan pretty much kicked everyone’s ass with her guitar playing and vocals throughout her entire set. Joining her onstage for just his second show was the Trews keyboardist Jeff and rounding out the trio on drums Isaac. If you are a fan of 70’s Rock N Roll especially the deep cut sounds of Deep Purple then you really have to look no further than Little Foot Long Foot. It would have been impossible to tell that this was only Jeff’s first couple of shows with Joan as he just flat out played an amazing set alongside of Joan. The timing was just insane throughout the set and they looked as if they have been playing together for years. At some points in time I didn’t even think Joan was even using her mic to fill the Mansion with her vocals, there was one moment particular where she let out an extended and loud “Yeah” which made the entire audience stand and glare at the stage and cheer after she finished.  For most of their set Little Foot Long Foot were playing songs off of their album titled “Oh, Hell” and they also slipped in a couple new songs as well. There are a couple of songs that still stick out in my head including “Nothing”, “Sell Out while you can” but the one song that still beats all the others is the song titled “Neko Case hate fucks Kurt Cobain”. When the lead singer especially female starts off a song by drinking a beer during the opening lines in the song you know it was going to be one not to be missed. This was also one of the songs where the rawness in the band showed up the most in.  To finish off the set and after a bit of a kerfuckle with the slide Joan finished off the set with “She Looks To You”.

Counting the set tonight this was my third time watching Sandman Viper Command live and they keep making me want to check out their next show. Their set was a bit of a mixture of songs from their album Everybody See This, their current download “Feel Is Good”/”Clean Inside” and also a couple of newer tunes as well. The set was also a Sandman Viper Command blend of Pop, Alternative to Rock Songs.  Throughout most of their set they didn’t slow things down for very long, especially when it came to tuning as they managed to do most of it on the fly. It didn’t take long at all for the guys to get right into their set especially if you were watching Aaron on Bass. One of my favourite opening riffs that they played during their set came in during their second song called “Oh Yeah, It’s Fusion”, this mixture of alternative and Blues always seems to be a crowd attention grabber whenever they start the song. Every time I hear the opening riff I think to myself that the riff is too short. One thing that stood out quite a bit during their set was the fact that each member seems to be doing their own thing during each song. There doesn’t seem to be too much of a synchronization aspect to their show yet, it they make it almost a task by trying to watch everyone on stage. Their last song of their set was “Feel Is Good” which is part of their new download that you can find on their site. This new song sounded great tonight especially the lead guitar work in a couple of verses, also the lead and backing vocal timing in the song sounded great. At the end of the song they were coached back onto the stage by Terry and then they finished off with “Sunday Driver”.