Young Rival with The Elwins

On Friday night at the grad club Flying V productions presented The Elwins and Young Rival. The night started off a little later than usual for a show at the grad club with the show starting around ten thirty. This was probably about the fourth time that I have watched The Elwins play live now and their shows keep getting better and better. Their audience has also grown since the first time I watched them play. It was great to see people singing along with the Elwins right from the beginning of their set. Their set was quite the amusing one tonight, with the guys joking around constantly and especially during their version of Countdown. The audience interaction was great throughout their set, this was the best yet that I have seen so far from the guys. Feurd ended up handing out his tambourine halfway through a song so he could finish out the song on the keys. they mentioned earlier that they were not going to play stuck in the middle until later on in the set and it looked as if I was not the only one who was waiting to hear them play the song. This song has been my favourite song since I heard them play it the first time. I was actually surprised that they played forgetful assistance later on in their set; it was easy to tell that this was the song that people were waiting for.

By the end of their set they had a pretty packed grad club in the palm of their hands and people calling out for more.

Young rival played us a good chunk of their new album which was just released last month titled “Stay Young”. Their sound has changed quite a bit since I first started following young rival. Their new songs have a more punk and rock edge to them. To prove a point a little bit about their punk edge they played a Ramones cover in around the middle of their set. I could easily say that they barely stopped their set for more than minute at a time throughout their set. They just powered through their lengthy set. I was pretty surprised at the length of their set. The size of the grad club stage came as a disadvantage a couple of times during their set as Aron’s guitar got caught under John’s shirt a couple of times during their set. I was waiting for the guys to leave the stage during their set but they stuck it out and stayed on the stage. About three quarters of the way through their set I still couldn’t believers they were still hammering the audience with song after song. Even when they switched up learn vocals and Noah took on the lead they still barely took the time to slow down. The audience was really digging their sound especially when they played “two reasons” nearing the end of their set, which was an immediate hit with the audience. By the time they were finished their set the crowd didn’t even let Noah get out from behind his drum kit before we were all yelling for more. After quickly regrouping just to the side of the stage they jumped back up onstage and played a pair of songs to finish off the night.

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