ZZ Top With Flash Lightnin’

What a night of Classic Rock and Blues, as ZZ Top and Flash Lightnin’ hit the stage at the Krock Centre on Tuesday night.

Thanks to the Krock Centre I have now taken another band off of my wish/bucket list of bands to see. I was pretty disappointed in myself for missing ZZ Top the last time they played.

Starting off the night to fully white light lit stage was Flash Lightnin’. I have watched these guys live now a handful of times already and they left me wanting more once again. An incredible note I have to make is the fact that this isn’t their first time touring with ZZ Top either. It was too bad that time had to be an issue tonight but we still got to hear a solid set from the guys as they spanned all three albums and mixed in covers as well. “Dirty Penny” was one of my favourite numbers from For The Sinners album, especially for the line “Front Row is For Sinners”, as Darren pointed to everyone sitting in the front row. I was a bit surprised by the lack of slide guitar to night, but Darren quickly put that thought deep into my mind as he ripped up and down his guitar throughout the set (with style of course). Tonight they were armed with a new drummer from the last time I saw them play a couple of years ago now, and you wouldn’t be able to tell/hear that fact all with the timing and sound that was coming from the stage tonight. One song in particular that I was super stoked to hear was their personal theme song “Flash Lightnin’” and by the time they finished the song it quickly sounded as if the Kingston audience had enjoyed their set as well.

It is always a hair raising experience to finally see a band that you have listened to for so many years and now finally watching live. I was definitely excited to see what kind of Electric and Bass Guitars that Billy and Dusty had in store. In the end their rack of goodness was kept pretty light only changing it up three different times throughout the night. They definitely gave an ode to the fact that you don’t need a big stage rig to put on a great show, as they kept the lighting and stage props to a minimum and let the Rock speak for itself. In fact the second they hit the stage the entire floor section of the Krock Centre stood straight up and stayed that way for the entire show, and I’m pretty sure this is the first time that I have saw this before at this venue. Their set list consisted of songs that have spanned their extensive career, also the demographic of the audience supported this span as well. ZZ Top played all of their hits with “Got Me Under Pressure” to start off the night. One Guitar Lick and Bass line combination in particular that has always stood out for me from ZZ Top is “Waitin’ for the Bus” which to my surprise was played second tonight with “Jesus Just Left Chicago” following of course. Off of La Futura “I Gotsta Get Paid”. There wasn’t very much talking in between songs tonight, and in fact there was never a break for tuning their guitars either. They did give us a small dose of their “signature” stage walks and timed guitar swings at the front of the stage. Their cover of “Foxy Lady” was a definite solid cover in their set. I was quite impressed by the vocals when it came to “Legs” at the end of the set the rust and rasp from Billy’s vocals was seemingly non existent. To finish off the night ZZ Top gave us a double shot encore with “La Grange” and the final song of the night “Tush”.

Flash Lightnin’

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