Diemonds on Never Wanna Die

undergroundops_image005_3On May 1st Diemonds announced the release their brand new album Never Wanna Die. Luckily I was able to chat with Diemonds Guitarist Daniel Dekay later on in the week just as they just finished up practising for their CMW showcase in Toronto.

This past week proved quite eventful for Diemonds as they announced the release date and a few details about Never Wanna Die, they were also getting set to premiere their a handful of brand new tracks at their CMW Showcase show on Friday at The Hideout.

One of my first questions for Dan I had to mention the August 14th release date for Never Wanna Die, and how difficult it must be to sitting on the release of the album. As it turns out they have had it in their hands already but we (the Fans) are just getting to hear about the new album now. But if you are going to be lucky to see Diemonds play anywhere in the summertime leading up to the release date you are pretty much guaranteed that you are going to get a nice live sample of the album.

“It’s been a long time coming, and we have spent a lot of time on it, and it feels pretty f’n cool that it is finally going to be here and in physical form.”

I tried my best to get as much info about the album as I could but Dan had to be careful and not release too much info over the phone. So of course I had to ask what song they chose as the first single from Never Wanna Die to at which point I was informed that there is a single picked out and I was going to have to wait as they start rolling out more announcements throughout the summer to keep the suspense of the release going. Although one major announcement has been made so far and that has been with the track listing which is posted below.

Now there has been a lucky handful of music insiders who have gotten a chance to listen to and give their input about Never Wanna Die so far and their insight has only furthered the excitement of the release for Diemonds.

Never Wanna Die also marked the first time that Diemonds have worked with a outside Producer as well. For the job they went with Eric Ratz. When I asked how was the experience working with Eric on the album was immediately I could hear the heightened excitement in Dans voice spark up and continue on to say that Eric has an “insanely good ear and his brilliant musical sense working with Eric was eye opening it was a learning experience, it was a growing experience, personally and for the band”. Dan was really able to take valuable musical and life lessons within his musical craft on and off stage, how to direct himself and exert himself on stage even more than he already does.

Eric was really able to help shape the new album with Diemonds by adding different elements into the album, together they have been able to harness the Diemonds sound and still creating and carrying onto Never Wanna Die. Dan put it into perspective quite easily by comparing a 1970’s AC/DC Bon Scott era album and now putting something on from the Brian Johnson era it’s completely different but it sounds like AC/DC.

To further the excitment and the professional force behind the release of the new album Diemonds has also inked a licencing deal with eOne Music Canada through Underground Operations for the Canadian release.

undergroundops_image003_2Track Listing:
1. Never Wanna Die
2. Hell Is Full
3. Over It
4. Ain’t That Kinda Girl
5. Secret
6. Better Off Dead
7. Forever Untamed
8. Wild At Heart
9. Meet Your Maker
10. Save Your Life

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