Famous Country Music Artists


Deciding who the best country music artists are is not easy since there are so many . One of the methods to do this is to look at the way their records sell and how popular they are with country music fans around the world.

Top Country Artists of All Time

In regards to the all-time lists, you generally find the exact same three or four names around the top. This listing won’t change too frequently because of how powerful these artists were, but there is always a chance that individuals will disagree with all the artists that popular opinion decides to be the best.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is considered by many to be the best country music artist because he’s multiple classic tunes and a very distinctive sound that just about everybody still enjoys. Whether he was singing alone or performing a duet, you always knew when you’re listening to Johnny. It’s not surprising that a number of Cash’s songs are covered by artists in pretty much every genre nowadays since his lyrics and overall sound just don’t seem like anything else that has ever been made.

Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline is on just about everybody’s list because she had an awesome voice and place out number one hits left and right. Just about everybody knows”Walkin’ After Midnight,” but accurate Patsy Cline fans know that she had tons of other excellent tunes. It is unfortunate that Cline died at such a young age because chances are she’d have come out with a lot more hits and may have easily been considered the top country western music artist.

Hank Williams

No best country artist record could be without Hank Williams. Not only is Williams regarded as among the greatest writers and singers in the genre, but he also influenced several of the others who are considered some of the greatest ever, such as Johnny Cash. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a coming country western music lover, old or young, who don’t understand the lyrics to”Your Cheatin’ Heart.”

Top Country Artist Right Now

Contrary to the listing above, the present best artist will often change from year to year. Occasionally new artists can often take over the top spot since they have a brand new sound that people enjoy, while other times a highly anticipated album from a renowned artist takes over the graphs.

Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood

It is difficult to develop with one artist that can be regarded as the best country music artist at this time, but if we are going by sales and general popularity, it would need to be Taylor Swift. It does not hurt that she appeals to fans of different genres, but the country music world loves Swift. Her album, Red, topped the charts in 2012, and endorsement deals galore supposed that her fame spread way past just country music.

Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood need to be considered near the peak of the country western music record at this time, but they are not quite where Swift is in terms of popularity and sales. It would not be a surprise at all if somebody else becomes the new queen or king of the country music scene, but for the time being Swift appears to have a great grip on the name.