Hidden Roots Collective


Just a couple of months ago in September Hidden Roots Collective released what was soon to be an award winning album titled Come Up, Honey. For which award did Hidden Roots Collective win you may ask? They won the Best Folk/Roots album at this years Toronto Independent Music Awards. With the members of Hidden Roots Collective not running into the event with any expectations for a win at all they were left in shock as they took home the award as they were among such incredible Musicians.

The members of Hidden Roots Collective are Annie Sumi, Holly Cunningham, Rose-Erin Stokes, and Brigitte Lebel. The album has various guests throughout, which makes their live shows that much more interesting as the four ladies will compensate for the instrumentation. Annie, Holly, Rose-Erin and Brigitte still keep the Harmonies the same throughout their live shows and have even taken on some new instruments to add to their live performance and audience experience.

One question that I had to ask Annie during our interview was Wicked Game is a definite step away from the Chris Isaak’s version, and truth be told I love your version so much more than the original. How did you decide on this track and how did the final product come to be? Were there a couple of different versions of the song before the final cut was decided on? We liked “Wicked Game” because the harmonies were so hauntingly beautiful. It is a fun song, and it didn’t take long for us to realize that it was the right choice for the album. You really have to listen to this cover, I even mentioned it to CBC for their Under the Covers segment.

Now going beyond the cover on the album Hidden Roots Collective also have daunting and what I would say would be a serious task in putting forth the knowledge and definitely the awareness of victims of Trauma with their song titled “So Much More”. As one member of Hidden Roots Collective works directly with her community and takes on the narratives of hundreds of people in her community. “The song takes inspiration from those stories, particularly of trauma stories told by girls and women – It is meant to be an oath to stand by those women, in solidarity, allowing them to understand that they are “So Much More” than the cruelties of others.”
The song is also brought to greater depths by the adaption of the piano in my mind.

If you are looking for a copy of Hidden Roots Collective – Come Up, Honey here are your options “You can pick up a copy of our album at any of our live shows. It is also available on bandcamp (https://hiddenrootscollective.bandcamp.com/releases) or at “The Farm” on Main St. in North Bay.”