Aaron Towns Interview Talks About Brand New Video Love Exchange

You just released your brand new video for your single “Love Exchange”. What can you tell us about the video right now?

This video has an amazing vibe. It gives you a nostalgic, retro, vibrant, and colorful feeling. Leaving you wanting more!

What made you create the video for the single?

I knew once I created this song that it would be the single. It gave me a feeling where I just wanted to dance and when I thought of a visual for it, I thought vibrant! I thought energy! So my team and I picked out some colorful locations around Los Angeles, The Weller Court Tunnels, Santa Monica Pier and the steps in Silver Lake.

Does the video tell the story or relate to the lyrics of Love Exchange in anyway?

The video isn’t telling a story with actions at all. The main objective for me was to let the colors tell the story of my love for this girl!

What was your favorite aspect of creating the video?

My favorite aspect of creating this video was actually creating it. There’s an entire story on how this song came about and to see it happen, and a visual made out of it, makes it an amazing accomplishment. So, I guess you can say creating the entire feeling from the song to the visual was the best! The overall process is what gives me chills!

Now that the video is completed and slated for a release is there anything that you wish you could go back and change now?

There’s nothing I would change! I would keep it the same. I’m always learning through experiences, so the next video might be a little more cinematic!

The Bamboo Theory was released just after the new year, has the album reached any of the expectations that you had for the album?

With The Bamboo Theory being my first project, I really didn’t have any expectations. I just wanted to put a body of work out to the public and let them decide what sound they liked best from me! I feel I know what they like! I just wanted people to experience what I’ve been working on for so long.

Are there any other single videos that you plan on releasing from the EP?

Of course, I have so much more in store! I can’t spoil the surprise! You just have to stay in tune.

With each song on the EP having such a distinctive and separate sound, are you still searching for a specific sound to set on course with or is this an expression of your writing style and influences combined together?

See, I’m a man of many melodies, so I can pretty much write and convey any feeling. Though I am still understanding my sound and what my fans like from me, I remain confident in my creative world. I can tell you this, wait until you hear the next installment!

Where can people get a copy of The Bamboo Theory?

Glad you asked, you can check out The Bamboo Theory on my website, iamaarontowns.com and also on all streaming platforms such as Itunes, Tidal, Spotify, Soundcloud and Pandora. So check it out and share your thoughts. I’m confident you’ll enjoy! Thank you much!