Against Habit Interview

aWith having three members does it make it difficult in the writing process especially if everyone’s opinion is evaluated equally?

No, it makes the writing process so much more exciting. We are always open to what each other have to say and having 3 individual writing styles is great. We bounce off each other, and so far- so good!

Has it been tough to push your single Opal Dream throughout different Countries and Musical Markets?

It’s always tough. But we have some great people working with us.

Has your music and songs evolved further since you have started working on the Ep?

Our music is developing all the time as we grow and develop as artists. We are always recording new music in the studio and have a lot more music to share with the world and we can’t wait.

Do you guys have an eye set of a release date yet?

The full EP will be released later in the year, we have a few lose ends to tie up, and a date will be released pretty soon.

Where can people locate your social feeds to catch up on or discover Against Habit?