Annie Sumi Interview

Annie-guitarFirst off I have to say your vocals performance throughout Reflections was finely performed especially as you combine the softer side of your vocals during “Life Like That” and the stronger sense during “Oak Tree.

Going on the fact that have utilized many different vocal techniques throughout the album, was this path brought on by any direct or indirect influences?

I’m really glad that you enjoyed the album! A lot of people have commented on the variations of my vocal arrangements, but to be honest I really don’t know where it comes from. I’m sure I’ve been subconsciously influenced by a HUGE array of my favourite artists, but I couldn’t be sure which ones I feel most vocally attracted to.

Now I found the recording techniques which you used were interesting during a couple moments on the album especially with the last song “Best Of Me”, was this in part of being able to capatilize on using a studio, or was this a producer element which was layed onto the album?

“Best Of Me” was recorded Live off the Floor, so it definitely stands out as a stripped down track on the album. I have to accredit Ben Leggett for the idea – He suggested it to me at the beginning of the project, and I think it made the most sense. It really speaks for the simplicity of the songs message, and the structure of the song in general!

Is there a special meaning or path for the track “Vandevi” which appears halfway through Reflections?

“Vandevi” was originally named “Soul Song” because it came, entirely, from a space that I cannot explain. A lot of my songs are connected to visual imaginings, and this song particularly evokes images of a persevering, innocent, and powerful woman of the earth. The word Vandevi literally translates to the goddess/protector of the forest, and I think that it accurately explained my imaginings.

Currently what is your favourite song to perform live off of Reflections?

My favourite song to perform varies between “Reflections Of Me” and “The Waltz”. I have been fortunate enough to have some amazing musicians accompany me on these songs, and I really love the added instrumentation. I love collaborating with people, and I have a blast playing those songs with my friends.

How does your live set/show compare to the recorded version of Reflections?

For financial purposes (as I’m sure you can imagine), I have mostly been touring solo. So the full-band sound on the album has obviously been hard to achieve. But here and there, I have collected some friends that jump on stage and join me when they can, and that has really been a treat! I’ve had a few spontaneous tour moments where some amazing musicians have improvised during my set, and that is when the magic happens! I love inviting talented people up on stage to get into the spirit, and share those unforgettable moments with me!

Where can people find more about Annie Sumi relating to your social feeds and where people can purchase a copy or selected tracks from Reflections?

In terms of getting to know me or where I’m at, you can follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! You can follow the Pink Clouds Tour on Twitter too!
I have all my songs available on Bandcamp and iTunes! But there is nothing I love more than getting the album into people’s hands! I like being able to meet the people at shows, and feeling like I am really giving it to them personally!

Don’t forget to check out Annie when she plays at the Musiikki Cafe on July 24th 2015