Band Nerds Interview


The biggest aspect about your sound is definitely experimentation, especially with the DJ mix with your sound. When you guys are writing and developing new songs how do you guys decide on what direction to go with? 

Well unlike most bands that usually have that traditional singer/ songwriter in the band, we are two producers first, artists second, so its easy for Najee and I (Cross) to sculpt the vision of the song. More often than not I have a hook or melody in my head that I work with initially and if it passes our ” head nod test” then we continue to build it from there.

How often do you guys get put off by a way a song sounds and go back to the beginning writing phase?  

We don’t. We flush the song completely out and once its done we just trash it if we don’t like it. We never start over because that can completely halt the creative process which could keep a better idea from coming.

While sampling the DJ mix how do you guys decide what to go with?

Usually DJ Los is the last to come in once we have a solid topic then he builds his sample around the topic of the song; this way he has a pretty complete project to work with which saves a lot of time compared to if he came in at the beginning.

How difficult is it for you guys to get shows? Are you finding people are diggin what you are playing live especially if the audience has never heard your music before?

At first it was very challenging because we were too hip hop for the metal fans and then too metal for the hip hop heads, so now with the help of our new manager she really has found a niche for our sound, so more shows are definitely coming.  As far as people digging our sound….I would say yes, most people are in shock with a response of “why haven’t I heard of you before” and “when is the next show”? Most of our new fans come from our live show performances, so its just a matter of getting more exposure to more people to build our fan base.

Lyrically how do your songs develop?

We only talk about topics that we relate too and/or have experienced. Once we have ironed down the topic we try to convey our emotions through our lyrics, so this could mean being pissed off at a situation and writing or recording while its fresh or really taking time to discern how we feel about something. It just depends on the topic.

With your first E.P completed and the singles being released out, how are you guys finding the media attention to the album working out?

I think the response has been a little slow but it has slowly started to pick up, we released the EP in December and already have several write ups under our belt with more to come hopefully. The fun part is the recording and creating process. Now its time for the hard part…the work is now pushing our music and getting our sound to the forefront of an already saturated market filled with new artists.

What is the most difficult aspect of the band and your music to overcome song after song and show after show?

Most definitely having patience, knowing that our time is on the horizon and we have to stay on the grind until then.