Black Satellite Interview

In less than a month your brand new album titled Endless will be released (July 7th). How excited are you guys for the release?

This has been a long and arduous process and we can’t wait to share it with everyone. We are definitely looking forward to the fun part, performing for our fans!

Now that you have been sitting on the album as long as you have is there anything that you wish you could change?

We are really proud of the work we put into making this record. We spent many sleepless nights workshopping the songs and deciding which ones were going to make it on the record. We are confident in our decisions and wouldn’t change a thing.

How many tracks are on the album?

The album will have 10 tracks.

The preorder is now available for everyone to buy, is it difficult sitting on the release date as you have the album already in hand?

It’s definitely getting more exciting as we approach the release. We get messages from fans everyday telling us how much they can’t wait to hear the full album! It’s so great to hear that people are already engaging with our music.

You guys have released a few tracks from the album thus far which include “My Resolve”, “Blind” and “Valkyrie”. By having released these particular tracks from Endless how do these track pertain to the overall sound of the album?

We feel that each of these tracks has a unique sound that helps portray our overall style. There are also a few unreleased tracks on the album that we know fans will go crazy over. There is a lot to look forward to from Endless!

Were these pre-released tracks specially chosen to be released early? Is there going to be another single released from the album once Endless becomes available?

We chose these singles because they can stand alone in their own right. When you listen to the record back-to-front it’s really interesting to see how they fit in in the context of the record. Since the release of the album is vastly approaching, there will not be any more singles released at this time. Although, we will be working on a secret new project this summer!

How does the instrumentation work throughout the album? I noticed that just listening to the singles especially with “Valkyrie” there are a few different sounds and layers floating around in the track.

Our instrumentals tend to be very dense, often blending several different guitar tones. We ended up using twelve unique guitars on the record including some vintage gems such as a 1950 Telecaster. We have definitely found an alternative, modern balance with our instrumentation, which works very well in conveying our style.

How does the live aspect of your album work with the recorded version?

We definitely put a lot of effort into our live performance. Fans can expect a show that is as full as the record and hits really hard in a live setting.

Where can people preorder and buy the album after July 7th?

The album is available for preorder on CD, vinyl, and digital download on our website ( as well as on iTunes. The album will be available on all platforms when it launches.