broomfillerYour album has been out for a few months now, have any of the short sighted goals from the album come true yet?

Well finishing the album, and touring it was one of the many goals. Having people relate to the music, support us by buying the album and our merch while on the road was very humbling. When people sing the words to your songs, or people request a song to be played, that is probably one of the most gratifying feelings, as a songwriter, one could have.

Genre and sound wise have you found music fans from the 90’s to early 2000’s leaning towards your band and sound?

Many have mentioned that this album has a 90’s feel to it. I’ve never really intentionally directed the sound of my songs in one way or another. I just really know what I like, so if it’s “grouped” or “cliqued” into a certain genre, so be it.

How was this album recorded did you take full control of every aspect of the instrumental portion of the album again?

This album was recorded at Jordon Zadorozny’s Skylark Park Studio in Pembroke, ON. I locked myself in there with him for a week, and had already done the pre-production sessions, which helped out alot for most of the songs. Some of them we had to start from scratch. But that being said, all the songwriting was done, and all of the instrument parts were worked out. Jordon really helped with the sound and tone of all the instrumental parts. He was a huge help with me vocally. I’ve always shyed away from my own vocals, and he nurtured and helped bring out the best in me. It truly was the best experience i’ve ever had in a studio. I knew all the parts, and how i wanted it to sound. These songs (for better or worse) have been inside of me for many years, and i knew each and every note that had or needed to be played. Me actually playing them correctly all the time was another matter!! haha. it’s alot to know in your brain, but it’s like being a composer or an orchestra conductor – you can hear the entire composition, as well as all of the individual parts. I was the conductor as well as the session player, playing all of my own parts. I regularly posted clips on our youtube page when i was in the studio recording various parts of various songs. So getting back to your question, i had full control of the songs, as they were so engrained in me. Jordon had control on tonality, and getting the best performance out of me. It was nice to have another set of ears outside of the project, working on this project.

Are you still waiting for a certain event/show or opportunity to arise from the release of title Third Stage Propeller Index?

With all the ups and downs of being in an indie band, with no outside help, I can’t wait for anything. I have to try make things happen, and on my own terms, for better or worse. This album is definitely the most personal of my work, and i couldn’t be more proud of it. Obviously, touring this album as much as possible is the main objective, and connecting with new music fans, bands and industry professionals to help expand and further BROOMFILLER’s sonic assault, is the end game.

With the release of the album are you eyeing up any certain singles to release to radio?

Well the first single we released to radio was “How Long, So Long”. We had several Canadian stations play and feature the song which was totally amazing. Such amazing feedback about the song, and the Lyric video so far, that has touched my heart. It’s a very personal song, and makes it all the more special that people are connecting with it. We currently have a Lyric video for that song which you can see here: Our 2nd single will be coming out very soon. This album has many singles on it, and all will be chased with an appropriate music video for them. Stay tuned!!

Any commercial opportunities come from the release so far?

Aside from the numerous radio stations playing our music, nothing else at the moment to officially report. Do you have any idea / opportunities for us? 🙂 – I wish I could help you out on that end. That goes above and beyond my experience.

What steps do you take in the creation of your songs on Third Stage Propeller Index?

Oh man, that is a loaded question. Many of these songs were made several years ago, and shelved here and there. Then pulled off the shelf, reworked a bit, then shelved again. It’s very rare for songs to be written and finished immediately, although it has happened for several songs on past albums. I demo the songs at my studio, and keep working on them. I constantly listen through all of my sessions, and when one really picks my interest, i work on it further. Eventually they get finished. In the case of Third Stage Propellor, most, if not all, of these songs were played ( in one form or another) in my parent’s basement where i grew up. My parents inadvertently heard them, and that to me was a huge connection with them, since losing both of them in 2014. This album is a very dark and lonely place to be for me, but it’s part of my healing and i’ve said ti before, but it’s absolutely humbling and rewarding to hear others get “something” out of these songs. It’s a feeling that’s virtually impossible to describe.

Now throughout your history as a band touring has been a huge undertaking with the release of the album and already touring in the summer in support of the album, are you going to scale back the touring in the winter time and hit the pavement again in spring/ summer?

Touring Canada in the winter is a hazardous thing!! I avoid it as much as possible. The safety of my bandmates and myself is paramount, and I would never want to be driving through the mountains or anywhere in Canada on tour during the winter snow months. We will be hitting Eastern Canada around April 2016. Stay tuned for tour updates!!

Where can people pick up a copy of your album and further your social networking links?

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