Brother Moses Interview

Brother Moses

Questions answered by Matthew Heckmann (Bass, Vocals)

Your brand new single Crazy Eyes was just released such a short time ago, how are you guys feeling about the release of the song?

 We were super excited that it got picked up by Paste. It’s also been featured on Blalock’s Indie Rock Playlist, which is definitely super cool for us; I’ve found some of my favorite bands from BIRP. The only thing it hasn’t done yet is become self-aware, but we’re definitely working on that.

Is the sound and style of Crazy Eyes tempting the wandering minds and ears for your upcoming EP Release?
 We are definitely trying a lot of new things on this record. We re-worked an old favorite, and have a lot of really fun new tunes that we’re all very proud of. 

By releasing Crazy Eyes is this your way of testing the waters to see what your fans are looking for in Brother Moses?

We considered releasing the song by physically dropping it out of a helicopter into open water over its natural habitat, the Atlantic Ocean, but after initial study of its behaviour in captivity we determined that it would likely not survive in the wild. If we’re being perfectly honest, the track had trouble with even the simplest survival situations we placed it in and fared especially badly against stingrays, so we just decided to put it on Spotify instead. It’s done surprisingly well so far, and its mating prospects even look promising. 

Now that the single has been released are you still thinking about going back and working on the track or are you pushing ahead with the release?

Crazy Eyes is a masterpiece. If we changed one note of the song, we probably would irreparably disturb the space-time continuum such that Adolf Hitler or equivalent would likely re-animate and start a 4th reich. Is that what you want? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT, KINGSTON MUSIC REVIEWS?

How has your influences directly and indirectly influenced your sound?
Our influences has done many goods for our music sound making. Every song time we have becomes less and less likely our inspirations die and more than always we have ideas that write well and usually do fine purpose edits. 

By streaming the song do you feel that you may be cutting into your profits of a band or are you guys just happy to release a song for your audience to hear?

 If Kanye has taught us anything, it’s that you should make it as difficult as possible for people to access your music, so we’ll probably end up deleting every trace of this track, except for the master, which we will launch into geosynchronous orbit 35,786km above the earth’s surface.