Comrad Interview


Comrad 1Your latest single “Full Of Texas” was released just a short time ago, are you satisfied with the media and fan support of the single thus far?
C- So far I’m really happy with how people have responded to this song.  I’ve gotten a particularly good response from some of my shorter friends.  They think a song about this topic has been way overdue.  Not since skee-lo has this topic been tackled.  As far as media, everyone has been really positive… far.
The track is an interesting listen especially as the song progresses. I was a little surprised during my first run through of as you stepped away from the folk setting of the song and went strongly in with the brass. When you set out originally set out writing the track was the song going to be a traditional folk song or did you have what is now the finished product in mind?

C- I think the very first demo I did by myself for this song I had synth horns involved.  The horns on the album were all arranged by Brian Drye, believe me he did a much better job than I did.  I had a pretty good idea about this song coming into recording.  It was one of very few.

By adding in the backing vocals I found they really beefed up the track, did you go through a couple of versions with the backing vocals before deciding on the finished version? Also were the backing vocals an afterthought as well?
C- The gang vocals were all Josh’s idea.  They were super fun to do.  I basically did impressions of my friends to get different vocal styles.  Again, Josh’s idea.  We did them pretty quickly, we wanted them to sound like a bunch of friends singing along in a bar after 1-4 adult beverages.

“Full Of Texas” is the second single that you have released now off of your upcoming album, how does this song compare the rest of the album? Does it tell a significant story of the album?
C- I think in style it probably stands on it’s own.  It’s one of two guitar heavy songs and the other guitar song is a waltz, so not much in common musically.  I think lyrically it’s very much in line with the rest of the album.

Is there anything else your fans and new comers should expect before the album release?
C- I plan on buying a new suit.  I’m thinking blue, that seems to be trendy now.

When it becomes time where can people pick up a copy of  10 Feet Away EP?

C- It will be available on soundcloud, my website,, and most likely digital retailers.