Electric Eye Interview

Electric Eye Interview


What is behind the name of your album Pick-up, Lift-off, Space, Time?

It’s the first four songs of a swedish instrumental album from 69. “Man on the Moon” by Hansson & Karlsson. We dig that album and we thought it sounded cool. Sounds a bit like a countdown for a space shuttle or something. No hidden message or anything.

Your song structures are quite interesting, in fact they seem to be more of a jam in a sense, how does the song writing work in the band?

We usually start off with a riff or a drum groove and work our way from there. We did a lot of jamming before going into the studio, trying to take the songs in different directions and ended up with our favourites. But we try to keep the songs structured while keeping the jam-feeling, and we put a lot of energy into keeping the songs interesting. So I guess there is a lot of stuff happening all the time.

How does the writing work for each song especially when it comes to the instrumental songs?

I don’t really see any difference between our instrumental songs and the ones with singing. We treat the vocals the same way as we would treat a synth or a guitar, as an instrument. So even if there is no singing, there will be verses, choruses and structure. Whenever I listen to music I don’t really pay much attention to the lyrics anyway, as long as it sounds cool.

How does your live set work with your songs, do you stick to the same format as they appear on the album or do you change the songs around?

We play them pretty much as they were recorded. But also include some improvisation in there to keep it interesting. It’s pretty cool when you end up in a totally different place than you expected.

How does the audience take to your songs especially when it is their first time hearing and seeing you guys play?

They seem to react in a very positive way so far, but may also be because we are so good looking. Haha. No, as long as people have an open mind and let themselves join the trip, I’m sure they are in for a good time!

So you are about to play your first SXSW how excited are you guys to play the festival?

Super excited! It will be our first show in the US. I’ve been to Austin before, so I know it’s a cool town. But I understand that SXSW can be a bit crazy too. I can’t wait to go.

What are your main focuses heading into the festival?

To enjoy the awesome tacos and play some cool parties. Also we wanna meet people we can work with in the future, and hopefully people that can help us come back another time. Business and pleasure, hand in hand.

Currently how many shows do you have lined up for the festival?

We are working on it as we speak. Our schedule is not ready quite yet, but I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to check us out. Our plan is to play as many shows as possible.