Ella Knox Interview

Recently you released your brand new single Play Me (Broken Record). Are you excited and happy with all of the feedback and views that you have been receiving on the single so far?
I am… as an indie pop artist who literally came up and out of no where (Manchester, NH) I never thought i’d get as far as I have today…

What was the most difficult attribute to the single that you had to overcome throughout the process.
I had one troll (online hater) that really attacked video with dislikes (cause you can buy dislikes these days- I just found out) so I had to bring it to light in front of my fans and as embarrassing as it felt for me – ALL my fans really lifted my spirit and they’ve really shown me some insane love and I’d have to say it overshadows the hate for sure.. I’m really grateful to have them!

Are you able to describe the meaning of the song and what the song means for yourself?
The song is actually a song I wrote in mind for Rihanna… I am a songwriter and I have written songs for others, but every time I sent it to a Major label A&R they would normally just say thanks but no thanks so I decided to put it out myself, because it still felt really true to me in the sense that I had met the typical “bad boy” before and saw deeper into the front he was putting on…. but that girl in me still fell in love and wanted more.

When you originally sat down to write the lyrics to the song, how did the idea for the single to mind?
I genuinely am a method writer… Meaning I like to fall into memories and feelings really deep inside me and allow the deepest most vulnerable pieces of me come to life… and just get my feelings out in whatever way I’m vibing for that day…

( And it’s totally scary… Sometimes I cry for like 3 days after writing a song.. But I have to pull myself back out and remember that I have conquered a lot of my own challenges and fears in my life.. )

How did the original idea for the video come to light?
I met this director in the U.K. named George MaGuire and he was doing some really artistic videos and I really liked his vision. So I asked him if he could bring it to life keeping in mind this certain vision and feel I had based off of a Beyonce video I really liked, but also to move in such a way that spoke a bit more artistically… and I really feel he nailed it!

Did you find the filming of the video and the editing a little nerve wracking?
I froze my ass off filming the video and picked glitter out of my ears for weeks… lol. As for the editing I gave my complete trust to to George on it and really saw my vision through.

How do you feel the presence of social media plays a part in your music career and everyday promotion for yourself and music career?
I find social media a ton of fun… It’s definitely a world in it’s own for sure!

Is there anything else in the works in the Ella Knox world?
My friends and I are trying to put together a U.S. tour.. #fingerscrossed

Is there a place where people can purchase the single?
The single is available on all the most common sites like iTunes, spotify, amazon, cd baby and many more!

What are your social pages which your fans can follow?

I’m followable @ellaknoxmusic
or you can google Ella Knox
or snap me @ellatude
I love Snap Chat!!