Emily Danger Interview

Photo credit Inez and Vinoodh

In a couple of months you are going to be releasing your brand new Ep titled Peace Arch, how excited are you for the release?

We cannot wait, honestly. We’ve wanted to share these particular songs with the world for almost 2 years so to finally have them ready for everyone is really exciting. This EP also shows a lot of change in our sound since our first release, “Paintings.” It’s heavier and darker with more electronics and orchestral sounds.  I (Emily) went through a lot in the studio singing everything, so there’s a lot of emotion you can feel in the tracks.
Having already released the first single for the album. Has the views on the song tweaked your excitement for the release?

Definitely.  The reviews have been so supportive and positive, and “Easy Remix” isn’t exactly “mainstream.”  It’s nice that a song (and video) so different can still hit a chord with people. That song is also the only ballad on the EP, everything else is upbeat, so it’s nice to have our slower, dreamier song recognized alone.
Any touring plans in support of the release?

Yes, we’ll be doing an EP release party in Brooklyn in mid-July and heading out shortly after to tour around the East coast.  Then, in August, we’ll be playing several shows in Southern CA like we did last summer.
Why did you choose to use the remixed version of “Easy” as the first single?

We liked the idea of bridging the gap between our first EP and the next.  We went through a lot of changes as a band during that time, losing members, adding instruments, and just trying to find our identity.  A lot of songs were created then, and we still loved “Easy,” so we decided to re-arrange it.  Cameron came up with the beginning loop and we let him run free at the end.  I think it’s a good representation of our shift in sound; almost like an introduction to “Peace Arch”.
You have also released a video for “Easy Remix” as well, are you able to describe the theory and story behind the video?

Our creative director, John Patrick Wells, came up with the story as he did for the “Shed My Skin” video. I trust his ideas and understanding of the music so he was on his own with our writer/producer/deer man Doug Cheesman to film the video since we were on tour at the time of the shoot. We wanted a short film type of video that told an open-ended story. I think the video serves the song beautifully, no matter what message people take away from it.
Did you encounter any difficulties while filming or editing the video?

Yes. A lot. John tells me it rained a ton, the cast and crew had to hike 2 miles to the location, and that working with a 5 year old is totally unpredictable. Mostly, though, Doug (our deer man) was in the deer head and full make up for 15 hours at a time, unable to eat or drink really. Our brilliant special effects designer, Leigh FX, was flown to California for the shoot to make sure her creation looked real and lasted the entire 3 day shoot. I think anytime you have a small child and full head mask and makeup, you’re probably asking for trouble.

Where can people find your content on the internet?

You can hear our music and see our videos on our website:  www.emilydangerband.com  or we’re on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.