Eric Solomon Interview

Eric Solomon Interview

  1. You are on tour right now with Dragonette, how did you find yourself on this tour?

I’m always on the search for bands I can tour with that mix pop with fresh production, so when I was asked to open for Dragonette, I thought it was perfect.  I can’t wait to perform, and I’m going to be playing most of my darker stuff.

  1. What type of exposure do you plan on receiving throughout the tour?

I’m excited to perform in front of this audience because they are music lovers.  It’s the college crowd, the hipsters, the gay community, etc.  The cool crowd essentially.  Most people who know me heard my stuff on the radio, but I have a deeper side than just straight up pop songs.  Don’t get me wrong though, I love pop songs.  I grew up loving everyone from Paula Abdul to Janet Jackson, but I’m a musician at heart, and my favorite songs I’ve written are the most obscure ones.  With this audience, I feel I can explore a little more.

  1. Do you find meeting with fans before and after shows a crucial aspect of being a musician?

Without fans I’m just a guy on a couch with a dream.  Fans are what allow the transfer of electricity.  I am deeply humbled by having anyone love my music and support me.  I will always make time for them, I love them.

  1. You have toured internationally at this point as a hired musician. How have you found your solo profile developing in different markets.  Has that experience ever helped you create a bigger profile outside of Canada?  And is there a country where you would like to go back to?

Canada is just a starting point for me.  I dream to play in front of audiences around the world for the rest of my life.  I never limit myself to being a local anything.  I come from many different cultures… Moroccan, Spanish, French, Polish, and with Jewish blood raised in the Congo Africa.  It’s in my blood to reach different cultures, it’s my journey.  The more people you reach around the world, the more power of influence you gain.  I have traveled a lot, but there’s no place like Bali for me.  It’s my Jerusalem… I’ve already asked that my ashes by flown there and thrown into the sea.

  1. Does being on the road ever inspire creativity? Do you ever write while on the road, or perhaps about your time spent on the road and some of the places you’ve been?

Being on the road defines an artist.  We all have this fear inside of us trying to stop us from reaching our dreams.  It takes courage, but through that experience you know who you are and where you stand in all of it.  The road puts you face to face with that fear everyday.  It’s the fast track to you.  My greatest influences are Prince, Gaga, MJ, and Madonna… essentially anyone that is a true performer!  I would play live everyday for the rest of my life if I could, and I’m working on that!

Being on the road is what makes my dreams become reality.  Success comes most of the time when you have courage to take the step towards it.  So many geniuses have stopped themselves in fear of failure.  I have that fear, I feel it in everything I do, but I chose a while ago to take the chance anyways otherwise I would never be anyone.

  1. Has radio play had any kind of noticeable impact on your career so far?

It really helped launch my career to another level.  It exposed me to a big audience, and I am very lucky and grateful for all the radio play that I’ve been getting.  However, radio is also very limited.  You have to do it all within a very small box, so I always try to balance it with shows that show other sides of me.

  1. In November you released your LP Time Bomb. How does that release compare to your earlier albums/Ep’s?

I don’t really check that sort of stuff.  The last album was given for free, while this one was for sale… I guess that’s good right?

  1. What does having the new full-length album out mean for yourself.

I don’t know if I will ever release another full-length album again.  I don’t like the fact that there is a star song while the others are just playing the supporting role when I gave the same love to all of them.  Time Bomb has some dope songs on there… More than Sex, Pinocchio, Brocken Glass, ect.  I just want them to get as much attention as the super pop stuff I’ve done, and sometimes releasing them in an album inhibits that.

  1. Have you been writing since the release of Time Bomb? If so, how does the material build on what people have come to know of yourself?

I think the new material I have written are even more personal, vulnerable, and honest.  Time Bomb is a party, hence the name, and I’m ready to blow!  I like that aspect, there’s too much pain in the world and I don’t want to bring people down with my bullshit.  I want to inspire.  I want to bring them up.  There’s a way to do that while being honest about your pain, and that’s what I’m heading more and more.

  1. What is your favourite song off the album? Is this song a crucial element in your live set list? Also, is this song a fan favourite as well?

 Broken Glass is my favorite.  The Dragonette show will be the first time I play it love, so I’m a bit nervous but also really excited.  Lots of people love that song, but the fan favorite seems to be Time Bomb.

  1. How has the LP been received in your eyes so far? What kind of doors will it ideally open for you in the coming months?

I don’t really know, and I try not to think about that too much.  I’m really just on to the next one.  I tend to get bored of things the minute its on paper.  I have so much music in me that I’m hearing the next idea before the first one is even done.  I’m very sensitive and generally get a bit freaked out the minute something is done, so I try to just disconnect and move on.  I hope in the next month that it gets me nominated for a BEST NEW ARTIST award at the Grammys!

  1. Would you prefer to be a solo artist or take another job as a hired musician?

What do you think?  It’s kind of a ridiculous question, no offence.  Would you rather be a business owner or an employee?  I guess some people would rather the latter, but not me.  I like to be the captain of my ship.