Feyer Interview

I Just Don’t Know is your brand new single from your upcoming album Signals Internalized. How does I Just Don’t Know reflect the sound of the album?
My sound is a mix of rock and electronic, which is what I Just Don’t Know captures. My main experience growing up as a musician was in rock bands, but I recently started getting into electronic music as well. I didn’t want to erase the band vibe entirely, so I decided to combine the two. The album showcases a fusion of those two vibes, among a couple of other different styles. No two songs sound alike, but when the album does come out, you’ll be able to hear some reoccurring themes.

For new listeners to Feyer how would you explain the sound of I Just Don’t Know?
Think progressive rock from the 70s and 80s, but with a modern spin on it. I am a big fan of time signature changes and unexpected melodic lines, which the song has. I wanted to achieve a very driving, big sound that could fill up a large venue, one that sometimes catches people off guard. Combine that instrumental with personal, almost narrative lyrics. Other people who have heard the song think my compositions are similar to bands like Rush and Genesis, whom I’m a big fan of. Vocally, I have been compared to Morrissey. I’m not sure why. It’s just who comes to people’s minds when they hear me sing.

How many layers went into this track?
I’d say close to 40. We have a lot of synthesizers running at once, plus two guitars, a bass, and drums, not to mention four vocal lines – one for lead, two for harmony, and one reserved for special effects and overdubs. Additionally, I split the drums up to put each drum into a separate track so I can EQ and compress them individually. Combine that with a lot of auxiliary tracks for sound effects and reverb, and you get that big arena rock sound.

Now if you are up to it and answering this one how in the hell did you compose and create such a filling song such as this? I can’t even begin to think with the amount of time that you must have spent creating this song?
The whole process from start to finish took about two years. Of course, I was working on like twelve other songs for the album simultaneously, plus juggling schoolwork at the same time, but the initial productions began in 2014 and ended in 2016. The melodic and rhythmic ideas were in my head for about five good years before that; they came to me when I was a sophomore in high school, and I occasionally jammed out to it when playing guitar, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I actually decided to record these ideas and turn it into a finalized song. Most of it was done right on my laptop, so I could edit as I went. I just seemed to keep adding more to it. It was hard for me to decide when I could finally say “it’s done!”

With the way the song turned out was this the original idea for the end product or was this a mad build up of many different Ideas?
For me, the end product is never the same as when I start. When I wrote this particular song, the composition sort of came to me all at once. I must have dreamed up the instrumental in its entirety, which is rare for me, because the next day, I woke up and played it straight through on guitar without even thinking about it. I just felt it in my body. However, I was always making adjustments to the production throughout the whole process. The lyrics I initially wrote were completely scrapped, and I kept tweaking the lyrics up until the vocal recording session. I probably changed the drum sounds a dozen times before I found the ones that sounded right to me. It also took me a while to decide on the synth sound, and what vocal effects to use during the breakdown/chanting section.

Are you able to pull this song off live in it’s entirety?
Yes and no. There are some things I have in the track which are humanly impossible to replicate, such as the extremely fast arpeggiator. However, my whole thing live is about syncing live instruments to pre-recorded backing tracks, going back to the concept of rock meets electronic, band meets DJ. A lot of artists seem to do that now. Generally, the live setup is myself, singing and occasionally playing keyboard and guitar, joined by another guitarist, keyboardist and drummer. Everything else you hear in the track that isn’t being performed by a live musician is kept in the pre-recorded performance track. The drummer wears headphones to hear and keep up with the track.

Where can people pick up a copy of Signals Internalized when the album become available? And also a download copy of I Just Don’t Know?
I Just Don’t Know is already available on my SoundCloud and BandCamp. Just got to soundcloud.com/feyer to stream and feyer.bandcamp.com to download. When the full album is released (release date TBA), you’ll be able to find it on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music, as well as the aforementioned SoundCloud and BandCamp.

What are your various Social links for people to check out?
I’m basically everywhere on social media. As an artist in this day and age, you have to be. Just got to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr and use the handle @feyermusic and you’ll find me. And look out for another single coming soon!