Freedom Of The City Interview

The intro to the song is only a disguise for what is to come in the rest of the song. Freedom Of The City takes their time and intrigues your interest. The song borders along a pop/rock sound but with the guitars almost giving the song an electric feel. George’s vocals are nicely done with just the right amount of alternative edge added in the right places.  For me the cymbal work in the song is well executed, the cymbal work in a couple of verses really progresses the beat of the song along.

Since you guys entered the studio early last year to record your debut 
album, how close are you guys to having the album completed?
From a recording point of view we got really close, but then typically we went back to rehearsals and gigs and new ideas started to appear.
As time went  by we got the feeling that these tracks we stronger than some of those which had already been recorded so ultimately we have been back and forth to the studio ever since
But we know have 11 tracks that we are happy with
You have put out a few songs now, with your newest single being Friday 
do you feel that is putting more pressure on yourselves to finish the 
Not really
We felt it more important to gig extensively and get the tracks played live to as many people as we could
This would hopefully create the demand for an album to be finished and ultimately give it an end user
Its also more important that its the best it can possibly be a debut album can make or break it for a new band and we didn’t want to leave anything to chance
 How many songs are going to be on the album?
At this moment in time there will be 11
How do your songwriting/credits work within the band?
Its not really got to a point where that has become a big issue for us
We write, rehearse, gig, record, everything outside of that is just a distraction for us at the moment
  How bad were the arguments throughout the entire process?
Honestly we don’t argue, there are no egos in the band and every body understands that what we are trying to do is for the greater good.
Granted we all have our own ideas but they are always met with optimism rather than negativity
We don’t do alot of debating about stuff, if someone has an idea, we try it, if it works great, if not we move on till we find something that does
Its that simple really.
How did you divide the duties between everyone?
Everyone really knuckles down in this band
Whether its gigs, recording, rehearsing, social media, PR we all do as much as we can as often as we can
    Were there songs that got left off the album?
Yeah, ALOT!!!
Too many to mention individually
Some of them were real favourites at gigs as well for both the band and fans
Its hard trying to decide on a track list for an album which is one of the reasons we allowed other people to help, its pointless having an album that we all think is mega that no one want to buy
For that reason we sent tracks to various people who we know and started getting some feedback
One by one those people started coming back with their thoughts and the album began to take shape
 Do you have an idea on how successful the album is going to be?
Honestly no.
We have worked really hard for over 3 years trying to cover as much of the UK as possible and spreading the word about FOTC
We can only go as far as making it the best possible album we can
Everything past that is out of our control
Is there an advantage of being a band from Manchester?
Yes & No
The Manchester music scene is fantastic
So many talented bands and some of the best venues in the UK
Saying that we still love to get out of town and do our thing, London is good for us, but we’ve also been to Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Sheffield even as far as Newquay
 Are you having problems getting gigs in and around Manchester?
Not really, all the promoters around Manchester know we we are now, there are rules regarding how close together we can play gigs in Manchester but that’s about it
  Have there been any gigs which you wish you were not involved in?
Gigging is the best thing about being in a band and if your not excited by the prosepect of getting on stage and strutting your stuff then sell your gear cos it isn’t for you!!
Every band will have good gigs as well as bad, all you can do is play tight and put on a good show. The lights, sound, stage times, sound checks are all beyond your control.
We do our bit right and just hope everybody does there’s right as well.
  Being a band playing and living in Manchester what do you feel you have 
an advantage over other bands within a close proximity of you guys?
We work really hard on creating a big sound, we don’t just turn everything to 11 and smash the place up.
We use a lot of midi tracks that allow us to replicate synths, strings, woodwind, percussion etc, all things that when coupled with us 4 turn a good song it to a great song
We are lucky to have the equipment and knowledge to do this, other bands don’t have that luxury unfortunately
 How would you guys compare yourselves to other bands in the same 
touring and gigging circuit as you guys are in?
We have played a lot of gigs in the 3 years we have been together and we respect all the other people who have the guts to get up there and do it just like we do.
New music sometimes doesn’t get a chance with the amount of manufactured artists floating about and that’s a massive shame.
We have played with and supported a number of touring bands and we have always come of stage thinking “follow that”
We’re not some art house indie haircut band who play in skin-tight jeans and wear funny shoes, we’re the lads who live next door, who you go to the pub with, who you have your arm round with a pint in the air whilst screaming your favourite chorus.
This is what we want all our fans to feel, we get of stage and will talk to anyone who wants to listen, sit out front, watch the other acts, have a few drinks and remember where we come from
Others, forget this!!