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fuzzcoilYou are a One Man Electronic, Programming, and instrumental band how did you decide to create Fuzzcoil?

The first time I heard electronic music in the late nineties, I was instantly hooked by the driving beats and bizarre noises. It was so refreshing to hear after only being subjected to top40. I wanted to know how to make those sounds. When I was 16, I bought a laptop and started recording myself hacking around on various instruments. I didn’t have a lot of equipment to start, so i would push the limits of the instruments and effects I had. Eventually I got the hang of it, mixed in some drums and voila. That was my recipe for Fuzzcoil.

Your sound is quite interesting how did you come to design such a sound as this?

I like to drastically alter sounds until they don’t sound like the instrument producing it.I especially like doing this to drums and bass guitar. I end up piling loads of fx pedals together and feeding all my instruments through them. Growing up, my dad had a board of BOSS fx pedals. I would sit there with his keyboard fed through them to see what kind of sounds I could make. FX pedals are at the core of every track I make.

What steps do you take in the creation of your sounds?

Right now i`m using a Moog Taurus III,Roland Fantom Xa, MircoKorg and of course; a load of random fx pedals. I keep acquiring them and they`re all hooked up together in this massive mess of cables. In the past i`ve used an electronic drum kit but lately i`ll either sample drums or making them raw with drum machines. Most tracks start with a beat or a sample and i`ll work from there.

Where and who are you expecting to push your sound towards?

Anyone and anywhere really. Around here, it seems people aren’t so into electronica unfortunately. Toronto doesn`t have much of a scene for this type of music and i`ll find myself playing at anything from hiphop shows to punk shows. But people aren`t used to seeing/hearing this music in a live setting either.

Are you able to get out and play your songs live?

Yeah! Ive done some shows in the past in various forms. I started with just DJing tracks. As I acquired more equipment, I could actually perform the parts live on their native instruments, which is what I do now. I also used to do my own visuals with a video triggering software running midi into my microkorg, but it was too much to run that and perform the songs at the same time. I’ve had live drummers and guest keyboardists a couple of times, but right now i’m working on a live set up with someone else doing the visuals.

How has your sound and physical sense towards your songs changed over the past album releases?

As time passes, I gather new influences, learn new things and refine my sound. I’m learning how to translate the ideas in my head onto my instruments more efficiently. Its all about experimenting and seeing what I can come up with. Recently I was thinking i’d like to try doing an album with no drums at all. That’d be a real kick in the pants.

What are you currently working on?

A new album! This will be the fourth Fuzzcoil album and its about halfway done. It doesn’t have a name yet, but the lead single GUTS was just uploaded online. I did that track with my long time friend and was excited to hear what he came up with on the lyrics. I think the tone of GUTS sets the stage well for the rest of the album. The drums are loud and theres lots of distortion all over the place.

How in the hell do you come up with the names for your songs? Or is it just a random thought?

They almost always come from what I imagine the song sounds like. For example, on the track Hooves, the drums sound like a galloping horse and on the track Vacuum Parade, the lead squellching synth sounds like its sucking up noise into a tube.

Do you have any expectations on where your sound and music will take you?

I don’t set expectations for my music, but I do expect myself to be playing live more frequently soon. I do it because its what I like to do and I have fun everytime I sit down with an instrument. I’m just content that I live in a time where I will always have the resources available to make sounds and experiment with as I please.



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