Ghost Twin Interview


On Thursday night May 11 Ghost Twin  are slated to play at The Mansion in Kingston with Games Collide

How would you describe your sound for everyone?
We jokingly came up with “dirty bass synth sleaze industrial baroque gloom pop” for our Facebook as a ridiculous, overly-long genre description – but it sums up what we do quite well.

How does your live set coordinate and mix in with your music? Are there any special effects which you use to utilize the electronic sense of your music?
Our music is very electronic, so we make it more raw and dynamic in performance with live keyboards and guitar. We keep the vocal sound more consistent with our recordings by using vocal effects processors. Beyond the music, live triggered video is a very important part of our live show. Hundreds of video clips are timed to each song that reflect the lyrical content and aesthetics.

So you are just about to release your brand new album, will this show be a pre release party for the album?
The “official worldwide release” is on May 19, but this is very much our album release tour. We will have plenty of copies of our new album available at all our tour dates, including May 11 at The Mansion.

Will you have any physical copies of Plastic Heart with you to sell?
Oh yes – on Vinyl as well as CD! Bring your money!

As you are touring across Canada with a new album on the horizon has this given you the chance to give the songs any bit of a live tweak before the official release?
It has given us a chance to refine the songs so they sound more the the versions that are on the record, as well as add the fun spontaneous element of the live keyboards.

Is it nice Touring through Canada in the spring time compared to the Winter?
Each time of year has its merits but yeah – spring is a great time to tour as the roads are better and also people are excited to get out and experience live music after their winter hibernation.

What does the summer month ahead look like for Ghost Twin?
It’s looking like we will be making a new music video, playing some summer festivals and also finding time to write some new music – all of which we are quite excited about.

Where can people find your music online when It comes time for the new release?
Our website ( can connect people to all our music sites – but some of the prominent ones are bandcamp ( and spotify (spotify:artist:3K2af5DTF6zzjujvfFATs9). We are super easy to find online.