Hawking Interview

You guys are making your return back to Kingston on Wednesday night this time at The Mansion. What should your fans and new comers to Hawking expect to hear?
First of all, we’re stoked to be playing The Mansion. We’ve never played there despite coming
to Kingston twice before, and we always hear about how rad a place it is. Our show is definitely
a lot bigger now than before – we’ve added lights and a lot of other effects to make everything
as huge and impactful as possible. Hawking listeners aren’t usually the type to pay $10 to see us
“jam” and “chill” for 45 minutes. They want a show. We go big or go home I guess.

You guys have recently released your brand new single and video for Comfortable. How has the reception from your fans and press media alike been so far? Is the reception what you expected with the single?
We honestly had no idea how Comfortable would go over. It’s a bit of a departure from the EP we’ve had out, but everyone seems to dig it. We haven’t heard a single “I like your old stuff better” or “that was a let down” etc. Just positive reviews, which is really rad because we enjoy performing this new stuff a lot. We’re really proud of how the video turned out too, and I think that had a lot to do with the positive reception. This was our first proper music video so we finally feel like a “real” band haha

With releasing Comfortable as a stand alone single, is this track representing what you guys currently have in the works?
Pretty much yeah. It’s a little more synth-ey than some of what we’ve been writing, but
definitely wouldn’t stick out badly on an album with the rest of our new material or anything.
The polyrhythmic f*ckery, rich guitars, punchy drums, electronic elements and huge melodic
hooks are here to stay.
With all of the work that you have put into writing the single, recording and putting together a video, are you guys ready to turn around and put in the same production for your next single?
Absolutely. Right now we’re in the process of choosing our next single and figuring out what we
want 2017 to look like for us, but we’re heading into The Armoury as soon as we get home from
this tour to start recording, so all the details will be settled pretty quick here. Trust me, we’ve
got a lot coming down the pipeline.

The vocals have a definite pop and different sounding approach to them, how did you guys decide to record the vocals to the extent and sound with the way you guys have done? Did you have any different sounds within the vocals in mind while you first set out to record Comfortable?
Honestly I think my voice has just evolved since our first EP. I’m only 21, my vocal folds are
probably a little all over the place still. I’ve also gotten a lot closer to finding “my sound” and
have become more comfortable with my general persona in the context of the band. I think
we’ve all settled in and found our groove a lot since that first EP. The other difference would be
that I produced my own vocals last year, whereas Chris our bassist produced them this year.
Straight up, he’s better at production than I am. That’s probably why they sound more polished.

You guys have quite the tight tour and extensive in terms of KM’s within the next couple of
weeks, just how in the hell do you guys pull off a tour such as this? Also do you guys still have
that sweet converted tour bus you had for your previous tour through Kingston?
We have our best friend, tech, roadie and general ass-saver Graeme to thank for that. He’s
taken on some of the grunt work for this tour so that the rest of us can actually focus on just
being a good band. And yep, we’re driving our 2000 Ford E-450 bus Disco Stu (short for
Discotheque Stuart). Still going strong!
Where can people pick up a download copy of your brand new single Comfortable?
iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp.
What are all of your Social Links?